2 of 1000 – Slowing Down

Anne, When you miss the mark, throw in the towel and make the most of the day.”

  “I remember getting caught in a mindset of having to get myself and my girls to church every Sunday.  Most times we made it.  

I remember one particular Sunday, nothing went right.  We overslept, the dog got sick all over the house.  I felt overwhelmed and alone.  We finally made it to the car.  

I looked at myself in the mirror, checked the kids out in the backseat and realized very quickly – we weren’t going to get anything out of church that day.  I went to a coffee shop, picked up coffee and hot chocolate and headed to a beautiful space outside of town where, we sat by the water, sipped our drinks and talked about what we were grateful for.  

I’ll never forget that day.  I can still feel the sun on my back, and see my two beautiful girls sitting beside me overjoyed that we weren’t sitting in church.  If I have any regrets, I wish I had done that more often.”  Tip #8


When I asked this Mom to contribute, unknown to me, she was in a very difficult time in her life.  I deeply appreciate her thoughts, attention, and willingness to share her best tips.  Just one of the many things making Anne a great Mom, putting her own hurt aside to help out someone else.

I’ve noticed she and I had many parenting principles in common, all but one.  It was Anne’s Tip #8 that brought me to the gate of reflection.  Reading her recount of this special time brought a sadness to my heart.

As she stated, “When you miss the mark, make the most of your day.”  I absolutely have some regret in this regard.  I rarely put down formality in exchange for fun.

I so enjoyed her wonderful memory!  Having her recall the scene, pulled me right into the moment. Capturing those meaningful times, what a gift!  That’s a tip I wish I had found much sooner.

Her story also reminded me of a special time with my own Mom.  One evening, I was about 8, maybe 9.  She and I went out for a “Poo-poo Platter,” at a local Chinese restaurant.  It was great!  I felt like the most special girl in the world as we heated oriental cuisine over a small flame.  This was to be the only Mom-and-Me date we ever had.  Special times may seems hard to find, but they are impossible to forget!

In looking at my own parenting, I regret not slowing my world down for more memorable moments.  I didn’t realize how easily they could be created.  To find the calmness in a storm was not an option I was aware I had.  In fact, that awareness still escapes me.

Thanks Anne!  I hope to see you soon.  You’re in my heart and in my home. Every time I drink from my special pottery mug, I think fondly of you and our time together.




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