3 of 1000 – Snuggles

Courtney, Make time for snuggles.” Tip #4

I treasure Courtney’s tip #4, “Make time for snuggles.”  I remember when Michael was a little boy, he would crawl up on the sofa with me and we would snuggle.  I recall cherishing that time, in the moment.  Even in the early years, I knew snuggles were precious and limited.  I was aware snuggle time would be short-lived.  During those times I attempted to be ever so present.

To my fortune and surprise, even into his adolescence, Michael would occasionally crawl up on the sofa with me and snuggle in.  It was always such a warm and welcomed moment.  I began to soak it in even deeper, secretly wondering which snuggle would be my last.  Each time I felt like the luckiest Mom in the world!

In 2008, when Michael was injured in a snowboarding accident, I felt my “snuggle days” were over.  I consciously reflected on those precious moments.  I worked to accept, with a newly acquired disability and impaired mobility, he was no longer able to crawl on the sofa with me.  I understood those days were over, I accepted things as they were and appreciated having ever have had them at all.  I knew, given our situation, there would be no more snuggles.

One day, as I worked to find gratitude and acceptance, to my delight, at age 17, Michael crawled up on the sofa with me! There is just no telling when one more snuggle remains.  My heart swelled!

I’m glad Courtney and I have cherished each and every snuggle.  I can guarantee we will forever hold out hope there will always be just, one, more.

Thanks Courtney for the tips, and the memory!

Michael’s early rehabilitation from a spinal cord injury:





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