5 of 1000 – Lighten Up

Florence, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”  Tip #10

With Tip #10, Florence’s advises Moms to not take themselves too seriously.  That is something I have not been able to master, in fact have rarely see even glimpses of.  Relaxing is not my strong suit.

Not taking yourself too seriously is a trait I admire.  In reading this tip, I was sadly reminded of a conversation I had with a young Michael.

When Michael was about 7 or 8 I asked, “Why don’t you bring your friends over?” His reply, “You’re too judgmental.  They curse, and sometimes misbehave, and you don’t like that.” I thought, YIKES!

I remember feeling shocked, and hurt, he had felt this way.  I was eager to meet his friends and happy to have them over. I didn’t feel I was judgmental at all!  He was right in stating I wouldn’t allow cursing or misbehaving, but his statement sure gave me pause.  I knew it was time for a readjustment.

I assured him I would only correct his behavior, and not that of his friends.  I did inquired as to why his friends were so poorly behaved he could not trust them in our home, which he promised was not the case.  Michael explained they were “well-behaved” but may not be quite up to my standards.

We evolved into a time, where Michael did have his friends over.  I believe our talk helped.  He trusted me to behave.

Michael’s friends have always been respectful.  He continues to make wonderful choices in that area.

As for me, I’m a work in progress.  I have heard from Michael, Big Mike, my therapist, my Mom, my friends, and from others, I take myself too seriously.  I agree, and do try work on it.  I also secretly wonder, maybe that’s a part of my charm. ; )

Thanks Florence!  I am trying to lighten up!


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