8 of 1000 – Spilt Milk

Jen, “It’s no use crying over the spilt milk, they are only going to do it again tomorrow.Tip 2

I like so many of Jen’s tips, and wish I had them earlier on my parenting journey.  I was too hard on myself, so hard yet feeling not hard enough. I did not realize each day was a new.  I didn’t take time for me.  I wished we did more outdoors.  As you know by now, I basically rushed through the process.

Luckily, therapy helped minimized the damage in many ways.  I remember my therapist bring up the “don’t cry over spilt milk” analogy (Tip #2), in an attempt to help me forgive myself for a most recent tirade.

She highlighted the added pressures on a single Mom living in poverty.  She said, how you react to “spilt milk” may depend on how much milk you have left.  It may be compounded by not having access to another carton of milk.  I vividly remember that discussion, and the relief I felt by my typical over-reaction.

From that day, one of my life goals was a dream to be able to purchase milk when I needed milk.  To this day, when I’m reaching to find gratitude, I appreciate my ability to by milk.  I no longer cry over spilt milk.

Spilt milk is not such a big deal when your child is not waiting for cereal.

I always look forward to my next visit with this cutie veteran.  See you soon Jen!


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