1 of 1000 – The Babysitter

#1 “Always beware of your babysitter.Tip #7

I remember when we moved to Calgary, I had zero family support and no friendships.  For the first time in my life, I had to reach out to strangers to care for my son.  I read ads, interviewed people, and made careful selections.

I met a neighborhood childcare provider, she was “perfect!”  She showed me journals she prepared for each child.  She had a schedule, nutritious snacks, and a laundry list of references. She was eager to have my son join her after-school program.

I picked up Michael after the first day.  He jumped in the car, his eyes as big as saucers, he said, “I can’t go back there!”  I said, “Gee Buddy, what happened?”

Michael replied, “She’s crazy! Everyone is screaming there.”

With limited funds, having pre-paid for the month, and expecting a little too much from Michael, I replied, “Buddy, do you think you can handle it for a month?  I’ve already paid her.”  He said, “No way, I can’t go back there.”

I called her that evening, informed her Michael would not be returning.  I told her she could keep the payment (Which I could in no way afford!)  Michael never entered that home again.

It’s so true:  “Babysitters, may not always be as good as they seem!”

I just loved each my Aunt’s tips.  I could see my Mom all through them, and also my Nanny.  I was so pleased she was willing to participate.

Thanks for ‘kicking things off’ Aunt Willena!


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