10 of 1000 – Fear of Failure

Marilyn, “Don’t always worry if they are going to like you.Tip #2

I really appreciate Marilyn sharing her tips.  Although we have never met, it’s interesting our kids have so much in common.  Raised as only children, they are both social, charming, kind, and engaging.  They are highly productive members of society, and are super cute!

Marilyn noted her favorite thing about parenting was “always having somebody to love.” Her dislike about parenting was “fear of failure.”  In those responses I found even deeper commonalities.

I hope to someday further explore Marilyn’s dislike.  I’m curious, having shared her fear of failure, I wonder if she might feel it was that fear which served as the driving force in diligent parenting practices.  In my case, I was so afraid of being a parenting failure, I excelled.

At times, I’m sure it was solely my ego motivating my parenting.  I knew, if I didn’t do my job with Michael, the ‘world’ would know.  Poor parenting is something very difficult to hide.  It shows itself in many ways.

It’s my belief the reverse is also true, strong parenting shows itself as well.  In our older years we reap the rewards of our efforts, or lack of.  Barring mental health and addiction, if we are diligent and ever-present in our parenting we will be rewarded with the joy of happy children, and later adults.  We will beam as we watch them develop and achieve in their own lives.

The pay-out for to an attentive, loving, and engaged Mom is indescribable.  It is worth all the fears, insecurities, mishaps, heart break, and uncertainty that pours over us.  Happy kids are amazing, and happy adults are all too hard to find!

In my case, fear of failure was a strong motivator for me.  Maybe not the ideal motivation, but at least it pushed me in the right direction.

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