14 out of 1000 – Post it!


Bernice, “I would keep sticky notes on his mirror in the morning. Telling him how much I love him.Tip 5

I love the ‘love-note’ idea.  I also sent notes in Michael’s lunch, sometimes in the middle of his sandwich.

I like to think my love-notes reminded Michael he always had me in his corner, especially when I wasn’t actually there.  I’d also like to think it provided him, not only a sense of security but, a smattering of humor in his day.

As I wrote love-notes, in the early years, I imaged Michael proudly showing his friends. I speculate before long, my notes elicited an eye roll, followed by a smile that could not be suppressed despite best efforts.

I tucked love-notes in lunches well into  high school days.  If it wasn’t fun for Michael, it was fun for me.  I can’t even suppress my own smile as I type and reminisce about those little sticky notes.

Thanks Bernice!  Sounds like our boys had a great head start!

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