25 of 1000 – Decision Making

Joan, “Decision Making – Start this process with your children at an early age, such as what clothes to wear, where to go for a family outing, (movie, swimming, skating, skiing, etc.).   Get an early start on teaching them a good life skill.Tip #7

Joan’s tip on building the skill of decision making, is one of our most important jobs as Moms.  I too started developing these skill in the early years, the formative years, as soon as Michael could talk, as soon as he could point!  I knew the importance of decision making.  I started right away!

If kids get choice in the more benign decisions, when the big ones come they will be well prepared.  “Which sweater, vegetable, hat, book, outing?”  Making fun and easy decisions serve as the first stage.  Each decision will help to build a strong foundation for what lies ahead.

For some, the isolation and comfort of the Mom-Baby-Bubble is very short lived.  Michael was heading to day care at 18 months.  He would be making decisions there!  I was painfully aware, my decisions for him, would be happening in a very small, ever-shrinking, window of time.

I knew, even at age 2, he would be making decisions.  My first plan of attack, was convincing him he was already good at it!  “Michael, you make such great decisions.”  

Every time he picked blue instead of green, “Great decision buddy.”  When he picked green instead of blue, “Nice decision buddy.” He selected this shirt instead of the other, “Great Michael, good decision!”  He ‘decided’ to wear mittens, “I knew you’d make the right decision.”  I said it at every turn.  I reinforced every decision.  I was alert and ‘on deck.’

I quickly convinced Michael we was the best decision maker ever!  By the time Michael entered elementary school, he could tell you himself he was a strong decision maker!  

Repeating to kids they have the ability to make solid decisions is a gold-star technique. In my opinion, this skill is tied for importance, second only reading!  

I know for sure, both Michael and Joan’s daughter are both impeccable decision makers! Any focus in this area will be time well spent!

Thanks Joan!  

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