29 of 1000 – Appreciation

Karen, “Make them work for special things they want. It doesn’t hurt them to work a little. They will appreciate what they’ve acquired so much more.Tip #9

I too applied the ‘make-them-work -for-it’ model Karen mentions in tip #9.  I think it’s a wonderful approach and has many layers in terms of teaching.

As soon as Michael received allowance he started to pay for special things.  If he wanted something, I felt was a bit indulgent, I would ask, “What are you willing to pay?” From there, I could gauge importance and interest.  It’s a great exercise building critical thinking, responsibility, cooperation, prioritizing, forethought, and independence.

Michael quickly learned the art of negotiation, a skill is highly developed today.  At times I would agree to pay ½, sometimes all, depending on his argument.  

Michael did work for the special things, for most things actually.  Even just last week, there was something I wanted him to try, it was very expensive.  I offered to pay ½.  He laughed and said, “It’s ok Mom, if I want it I’ll pay.”  

He’s all grown up now!

Thanks Karen!

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