43 of 1000 – Acceptance

Lois, “Acceptance – Not interfering with their choices. Tip #2

Lois is Mom to the two preceding Moms, and she concludes this special trio.  When I think of Lois I see royalty. So beautiful, fancy, and regal, she exuded confidence! Thanks to her I found two dear, and treasured, friends.

I remember being a little nervous when visiting her beautiful home!  Everything was so elegant, and impressive.  Lois had plush towels!  She was friendly, welcoming, and so, so pretty!  I can’t remember much about what she said, as I was always enamored by her beauty and her presence.

I think it’s great to have input from this dynamic trio!  I cherish their commitment to each other, while accepting it not available to all.

Having lost my Mom when I was 29, I am quick to highlight to others the privilege they having in continuing to share this world with their Mom. Lois’ girls don’t need me to emphasize it, as they are deeply appreciative for all she is in their lives.

What I love most about this family is, they don’t always agree, but they never disconnect.  This is such a gift!

Recently, they all got together for a sleepover!  This is head tilting to me.  I’m not sure if it’s natural for them, or if it requires effort.  I don’t know if it happened as a result upbringing, or in spite of it.  I do know I love it for them, wish it for all, and for myself feel some sense of loss.

I can’t help but wonder if all their togetherness is largely made possible as a result of Lois’ tip #2.  “Acceptance of each other.” Maybe that’s the key in remaining close?

In my world, time passed to quickly and resentments rose too high to avoid disconnection.  A family sleepover was not in my ‘cards.’

I love how these three women confide in each other, trust each other, believe in each other, and support each other.  Their relationship has stood the test of time.  They have found something others can only dream of.

I share in their love, and am so happy they have found a bond that has remained unbroken.  Their affection for each other has held fast through challenging times, heated disagreements, and in the face of completely opposite perspectives.

Nobody, or anything will stop these three fine ladies from loving each other!

I can say, it is often lack of acceptance which can contribute to family divide. Knowing the love shared by Lois and her girls, in my opinion, acceptance is a predominent and admirable strength they share.

Having enjoyed a 30 year history with this family, I know firsthand, they haven’t always agreed but they have always loved.  They are admired by each other, and by me!

Thanks Lois for your input, and for your beautiful daughters! You all light up my life!

Post-script:  Following Lois’ review of her section, I received a heart-warming, and tear-dropping thank-you note.  Again, Lois demonstrates an unparalleled class.  She has not lost her touch after all of these years!

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