52 of 1000 – Maternal Instincts

Megan, “My biggest tip is to follow your instinct. There will be lots of “helpful” people willing to offer their two cents. No one will know your child better than you do. If your gut is telling you something will work, it most likely will.Tip #1

Megan, like many Moms, advises trusting ourselves, our “guts,” instincts. Advice can be so confusing.  Input ranges from popular opinion, generational perspectives, and a plethora of both pseudo and actual expertise. Simple and complex issues can be simplified, or complicated, depending on the flavor of the day, the source, and the delivery.

For example, many debate, co-sleep or don’t, breast feed or don’t, soothers or don’t, organic or homemade, or don’t. The spectrums run far and wide, and judgments fast and furious.

As for me, I didn’t really know myself, or my “guts.” I had no confidence, and little judgement.  Some sources were unreliable, and practical education, well…was scarce to say the least. Nothing seemed to come natural for me. I still don’t understand maternal instincts.

Luckily,  I did have the capacity to do some research.  I did a lot of it! I worked to find credible, professional support, and built a strong network of Moms, and helpers along the way. Thankfully, I had some people who cared.

I was guided to resources, and experts. I attended weekly counselling for a long, long time. I went to libraries, resource centers, and then back to school. I learned new things in university, and accepted advice from others.  I watched videos, sought solutions, and remained focused.

Of course, I did have to make my own choices. I employed willingness, effort, and the advice of others. One treasured piece of advice was, “If you make your decisions with Michael’s best interest in mind, you won’t go wrong.~Ann Marie Sampson

I hope we can all find sources we trust in moments of uncertainty. In the absence of support, that treasured tip will provide an anchor to any Mom.  My love and devotion for Michael has always moved me in the best direction.  (Maybe that is my “guts?”)

Thanks Megan!


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