66 of 1000 – You Can!

Rachel, “My son’s Dad was murdered 5 days before his first birthday. He still cries for his Daddy to this day. NEVER underestimate the strength you have to overcome obstacles.  You CAN do it; even when you’re positive you can’t.” Tip 5

I could see some of my younger self in Rachel as I read through her tips.  I recognized her eagerness to do well for her son, and for herself. I quickly learned of her strength, her power, and her ability to put aside her own pain for the betterment of her son. All things I aspire to do myself.

Of course, I was very impacted to learn of the murder in Rachel’s family.  What a heartbreaking circumstance to have to incorporate in your child’s life.

Fortunately for Rachel’s son, he has a Mom who is keenly aware, and engaged in all she does.  Having a Mom who is present, will do a great deal to give him a solid foundation.  What a team they will make!

Rachel covered a lot of ground in her tips. Recognizing power, is a key message of inspiration to others. Many do underestimate their individual ability to overcome.

We have shared the wonderment of knowing  you can do it, without knowing exactly what to do. Our commonalities were rooted in realizing, very early on, our babies were counting on us. We both vowed to never disappoint them.

In keeping with the can-do attitude, she and I also share the philosophy, Moms must pick themselves up, no matter how hard life is. Mom can be struggling emotionally and still be amazing. We did it! Folding, retreating, cannot be options.

The trick in keeping-on is, put aside your misery until your child is in bed! Get counselling, practice self-care, and most of all breathe.  Your issues, my issues, should take a back seat to the happiness and development of our children.

It takes maturity, awareness, and discipline. It requires you to be loyal to your feelings, and to allow time to cry. If you don’t grant yourself permission to feel, your confusion and upset will spill over your children when you don’t expect it. You may not even realize it.

This is one of the most advanced parenting skills, self-management. It should come with a gold sash, Warrior Mom!

Like much good advice, it isn’t easy but it is worth it.


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