70 of 1000 – Choices

Heidi, “Be okay with working outside of the home, being a full-time Mom, or whatever your experience/situation is.” Tip #7

I appreciate Heidi’s tip #7, being okay with working outside the home, or being a full-time Mom.  I think different people are made for different roles.

As for me, before becoming a Mom, I was a stay-at-home vampire-type. I thought it was perfectly fine to sleep until noon, and then take a 2PM nap.  My gasp with the abrupt interruption to my pattern, was like a dark, deep, primal moan, a frequent dark, deep, primal moan. Everything was a shock!

I was so surprised when my adorable little boy, became a mini vampire. I couldn’t understand how something so cute could turn ferocious. He was loveable on one hand, then seemingly mean, unforgiving and impatient, especially at 2AM. There was no ‘wiggle room’ with him.

Mostly he was so cuddly and sweet, then, at the most inopportune times he became loud, demanding, and sometimes full of shit, literally and figuratively! He didn’t care that I was exhausted. He wasn’t willing to give me “10 more minutes.” He didn’t wait until I was ready! It was as if he had fangs, and no heart.

So unprepared, I had no idea being a Mom was a 24-hour daily commitment. I really didn’t understand I was now on-call, and this baby owned me!

I quickly gained some clarity about what it meant to be a stay-at-home Mom, an engaged, stay-at-home Mom. I just as quickly understood I was not that person, and it was apparent I did not have the required skill set.

I wasn’t long getting myself out, about six months! I remember thinking, if I’m up anyway, I might as well be at work. Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho.

If someone had told me having a child meant I would never sleep in again, I think I would have bypassed Motherhood altogether.  I really had no idea! I loved sleep!

As a stay-at-home Mom, I was cranky and unplugged. For me, working outside the home was best for us both.  I was more attentive, and devoted, to Michael when I knew I only had a few hours to put in.  It may sound selfish to some, but it is my truth.

I deeply admire Moms who choose the stay-at-home role.  I have such respect for their dedication and commitment.  I know these Moms to be creative, enthusiastic, and grateful for the opportunity to be at home with their children.  They have always impressed me! I don’t have any idea how they do it.

Heidi’s point to be “okay” with whatever your situation, is so important!  I’ve learned through my 99 Moms, there are many different “camps,” opinions, and perspectives.  Every Mom is different, each set of tips individual, and every family unique.

Those of us who learn to be “okay” with our circumstances, are able to live in peace.  Furthermore, if we as Moms find peace it will spill all over our sweet babies.

Thanks Heidi!  Keep dancing girl!

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