72 of 1000 – Positivity

Debbie, “See the possibilities in life.  Don’t forget the challenges, but focus on the possibilities.  Look at things from a strengths-based perspective.  It’s like the little train – l think I can, I think I can. My son’s words – “Positivity breeds positivity.” Tip #4

Debbie not only successfully conveyed the above message of positivity to her son, she personifies it in all she does. Debbie has an inherent maternal presence, both personally and professionally.  Her intention to teach, and move students forward, is unspoken yet understood.  She is everything an educator would hope to be.

I aspire to be more like Debbie.  She exudes integrity, ethics, grace, and class.  Her belief in youth, and in education, is admirable and her passion unparalleled.

Debbie’s son shared the phrase, “Positivity breeds positivity.”  I was really struck by that, as well as his willingness to contribute.  I too believed positivity breeds positivity. It’s so important.  Although initially positivity was somewhat a foreign concept to me, I employed Debbie’s recommend practice every day of my parenting journey.

Now that Michael is an adult I’ve, likely too often, attempted to explain my struggles in upholding a positive attitude.  It was as if I was swimming upstream, in a downstream current, all the while unable to swim. Promoting positives was as if I was living in a world of opposities.

I’m sure Michael tires of hearing about my childhood heartbreak.  In my defense, I only dredge it up to gain understanding, and maybe a splash of recognition.  I’ve explained, in having been trained to only see the negative, and to believe all things were ‘out to get me,’ it was a valiant effort to parent in complete contradiction to my upbringing.

Having practiced unwavering positivity, I can confirm the wisdom shared by Debbie’s son.  It did breed!  Being positive magnified positivity, it became internalized for my family, and provided momentous memories and lifetime narratives!

Having been raised with a positive perspective, in a positive environment, Michael’s view of himself and the world is positive. Michael believes the world is a wonderful place, and people are happy to see him.  He is right!  Michael sees mostly positive, believes he is capable and loved, again he is right!

I think, even if a Mom is not feeling too positive, or secretly believes the world is a toxic place, she can best serve her children by being positive in spite of it all.  I would encourage faking it.  It worked for me, my next generation, and beyond!

Great return on investment.


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