74 of 1000 – Smiles

Clarice, “Smile when you think no one is watching, you never know when they are.” Tip 7

Having known Clarice since before her babies, I can say even without children, she seemed to be the “Mommy-type.” These days she’s busy with two adorable, little girls. Clarice has one dancer, and one hockey player. She enjoys their uniqueness, and so do they.

Clarice are her girls are usually smiling. What’s not to smile about? These girls have loads of love, lots of fun, and all things pink and purple, or brown and blue – whatever they want.

In their home you’ll find tutus and hockey sticks, hard hats and tiaras, cheese strings and veggie trays, and Crayolas for days. Clarice’s home is full of all all things that make a childhood, a wonderful childhood, the things smiles are made of.

Most importantly, smiles are brought by much love and laughter, I can’t help but wonder, what comes first, happiness brings the smiles, or smiles bring happiness,

I thought Clarice’s seventh tip was so cute, “Smile when no one is watching, you never know who is watching.” Smiling is known to have positive health implications, so there’s lots of benefits. Having your children catch you smiling, what could be a better reason?

I can almost see her girls peering over the stairs, watching their Mom smile, such a warm image as a little girl. Smiling really does convey so much, to the world, and to the children.

Smiling could be their family crest! They enjoy each other and spend much time together. Clarice emphasizes family, faith, fun and much more. Together they rush to opportunities, lessons, and events. They have already seen so much in their short time together.

I wish I had seen more smiles in childhood. Imagining seeming and/or noticing happy faces would add so much to a day. Smiles are not something all kids get.

Of course, with Michael as a son, smiles were plentiful. At the risk of gushing (which I’m never known to do), Michael developed my smile muscles, and the muscles of many others. I think, healthy, happy, and loved babies create smiles in every room – if spirits are alive.

As challenging as I found my parenting journey to be, with Michael presence there was sure to be many breaks in my day. Even these days, his smile can make me forget all of my troubles. Hopefully mine can brighten his day also.

Keep smiling!


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