78 of 1000 – Libraries

Cathy, “Take your children to the library as young as possible.” Tip 1

I also love the library, and agree visits should start as soon as possible!  Michael and I got our start at Cape Breton’s McConnell Memorial Library. It was our Saturday morning routine. One of the best gifts poverty gave me, was a need to find free, educational activities. The library is all of that, and so much more.

This Saturday morning routine provided us with a solid, unbreakable foundation for reading, imagination, possibilities, adventure, and togetherness. It truly was soul nourishing.

The library provided a backdrop for not only reading, but independence, choice, and responsibility.  That first little library card was so special.  It came with a strong warning, and was heavily laden with responsibility. Michael was so proud.

We went every week, even when Michael was only one year old.  I remember the long wait until he was 2 years old and could then join the Reading Circle.  Our library visits have given me some of my fondest parenting memories.  We both felt pride, and happiness, after our time there.

I didn’t really feel like I fit in at the library.  I was not a reader myself.  Moms were a little older, and a lot more polished.  It seemed to be a place for the upper-middle–class.  Keeping in mind, I felt that way almost everywhere I went.

I did push passed my insecurities.  I knew even if I didn’t belong there, Michael certainly did!

I couldn’t encourage library visits strongly enough.  I hope libraries will continue to exist.  In the world of the internet, I expect the need is decreasing; however, in the land of childhood development, the need for libraries is likely to remain forever valuable.  Michael absolutely loved going to the library!

In other news, I’m expecting the library has not seen the last of me, as I brace for myself for the next generation.  Before long I’ll be waiting for circle time to begin, and end…hehehe.  No question, I’ll be soon sharing some special time at the library with my little Grandson. Oh my!

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”
–Albert Einstein


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