80 of 1000 – The Tantrum Cure

Nicole, “When one of my children was screaming out of control, I just wanted to scream back to try to get control. I realized very quickly this did not work so I took a different approach. What I did learn, every time I asked them if they needed a hug during this time, every one of them said yes and every time it calmed them down. We could talk out the problem, and I would encourage them to figure out ways to fix it. It was a learning point for us all.” Tip 6

Even in the teen years, I remember Nicole was a hard worker. She studied hard, practiced often, held a job, and followed household rules – mostly. She didn’t fight, or swear, and was an alter girl on Sundays!

Now, Nicole is across the country, married with three young children. Three children! Further evidence she is not afraid of hard work! I can see her in each of their little faces. It’s as if looking at them put in in a time warp back to my early years.

Imagining Nicole as a Mom, still such a reach for my mind! She has grown into this mature family leader, when I only know her to be a silly, fun-loving teen. It’s crazy!

Her smile must light up her home! I can see her secretly enjoying their mischievous nature, while attempt to scold them. I bet she is the best Mom!

When I read her 6th tip, and imagined the process, I was filled with love. Oh, to have had that moment, comfort, attention, love, in my childhood – what a gift she is giving to them. What a difference that will make!

I absolutely love her advice, in short, control a tantrum with a hug. It is amazing to me when she mentioned “every time” she asked if they wanted a hug, they said yes. Solid research, tried and true! She has three!

It makes perfect sense. It is likely a tantrum may be indicating the kids are out of control, because they are feeling out of control. Maybe they are hungry, tired, hurt, or stressed in some way. Like grown-ups, a hug can help! What a great tip! I hope I never need it, and always remember it!

Along with love, comfort, and attention, she highlights respect, practice, play and healthy living. All lessons, of course, will be taught much easier, once the tantrums and the hugging stops.

Nicole deserves nothing but the best, and she’s found it. Three adorable kids, and a husband with support and patience to spare. I’m guessing it’s thanks to him she was able to collect her tips.

Thanks to you both!


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