81 of 1000 – Mom’s Treats

Christine, “Hide the treats. The kids will never know.” Tip 6

Christine’s tip #6 (hide the treats) sure did make me smile, so mischievous!

I remember my Mom’s special treats, in her special-forbidden cupboard. Treats were strategically positioned at the highest point of the house, above the fridge, so high, only a full-grown giant would be of any help.

Ugh! How thoughts of those flakey pastries would aggravate my mind. Even a gaze in that general direction would trigger her intense response, “Yeah-they’re-in-there-and-that’s-too-Goddamn-bad-if-I can’t-have-my-own-treats!” All that, seemingly said as one large nonnegotiable word, followed by a bold exclamation point, and the complete void of consideration, remorse or empathy.

My Mother was unapologetic, absolutely unapologetic!  I, of course, thought she was miserable for hiding treats. Today, I see things a little differently. Now, I understand.

First of all, flakey pastries are delicious. Kids love delicious things. They will eat everything delicious. Second, kids will allow their Moms to starve and eat all the deliciousness. Thirdly, flakey pastries are just far too good for children.

The one thing I don’t understand about my Mom is, why hide treats in plain sight. What’s with the torture? Did she want to torture us? Maybe she wanted to teach self-control? Maybe just control!?  Maybe the lesson was on self-discipline? Self-care? Resentment? Hatred? Abandonment!? Hope those treats were yummy!

After some consideration, and much therapy, I am converted. I 100% agree in hiding treats. It’s genius! Kids do not need to have delicious, jammed-filled, sugary goodness. They have enough fun!

If I may, I would advise on behalf of your children, please actually hide the treats. Hide them in an secure, and unspoken location. I beg of you, don’t talk about the treats, remind the children of the treats, or take the treats out in front of the children. Oh, and one more thing, no regular announcements and warnings regarding the treats. Just hide them!

Gee, they’re kids after all. They can’t be that hard to fool. Maybe, Moms can find a hiding spot, not in the kitchen, next to all the other food, where the children linger!

In the end, Christine and my Mom, understood the importance of self-care – let’s go with that. I’m glad they have carved out some special time, to be with their own specialness.

It’s unlikely someone will be arriving with a box of flakey pastry, to say “thank you,” or “you need a break.” I wish all Moms have a little something ready, easily accessible, to enjoy a small, private party for one should the occasion arise.

Back in the 70’s, self-care was not as common as pastry-hoarding; however, maybe my Mom was a trend-setter and just hadn’t found the correct label.

For some more tips on ‘self-care’:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/epicurious/top-10-places-to-hide-you_b_3063605.html



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