82 of 1000 – Moms’ Deepest Loss

Miranda, “I lost a child, it was the hardest thing a parent can go through in their lifetime. My strong faith got me through.  My husband and I both have a deep faith and we go to church regularly.” Tip 4

Miranda is a Mom I met through my sister many years ago.  She’s a dedicated and hard working Mom to three extra handsome sons.  I would describe Miranda as a rock!

Miranda is a hockey Mom, an educator, and an incredible example to others.  In her life, she has endured great loss, and tremendous struggles.  Through it all she stands strong and pushes on.

Now Miranda is a Grandmother to two sweet girls, who light up her world.  They are sure to be strong, empowered women through her example and love.

Miranda provided a few of her most important parenting tips.  Her tips represent a value system based on of family unity, sure to instill love and security.

Miranda was the first Mom to mention the loss of a child, in her fourth tip.  She lost her oldest son when he was only 14 years old, in an ATV accident.  What a heartbreak, one to crushing to imagine!

I vividly remember this tragic time in her life, and how so many shared her loss and her pain.  Knowing Miranda was in such unbearable sadness, Moms everywhere lent our hearts and prayers to her.  Those who knew her, shared in the gravity and the grief of this unimaginable loss.

Through it all Miranda was a beacon of strength.  She upheld grace, while being held up by the support and love of her family, her faith, and community.

Miranda is well-respected, by all who know her, for her resilience and her spirit.  She has not lost the twinkle in her eyes, or the sparkle in her smile.  She demonstrates how we as Moms must rise above our deepest heartache, continuing to love, and seek all the best life has to offer.

Miranda exemplifies Motherhood!  Although forever carrying life’s greatest of pain, she has refused to let grief own or define her.  It is an honor to share this world with her. I continue to learn from her even though she doesn’t know I’m watching.

What I know for sure, the intensity and depth of pain for grieving Moms, does not lessen over time. Mothers carrying this loss, in their hearts, minds, and in all they do. They carry it every single day, yet they rise!

Kesalul Nitap


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