83 of 1000 – Don’t Rush

Melissa, “Don’t rush things for you or your baby. Pushing yourself or your baby to do things too quickly, too soon, will just cause problems.  Development takes time.  Both you and your baby are learning new skills.Tip 1

Reading Melissa’s tips brought me fond, and not so fond, memories.  Her first tip, adviced to not “rush things.” That would have been a perfect tip for me to actually hear, believe, and understand.  Moms offered it, but I didn’t listen.

I have many examples of my parenting haste.  One burned in my memory, occurred when Michael was about eight years old.  We bought him a 10-speed, peddle bike. It was huge, an adult bike.  He was far too small for that bike, but we purchased it thinking he would grow into it.  Maybe the idea would have made some sense, had we not expected him to actually ride the bike.

Gee, it is still a difficult scene to recall.  I remember I was angry, feeling Michael wasn’t trying hard enough.  He couldn’t reach the ground, and I expected him to ride an adult bike.  I didn’t even tell him where the bakes were!  Oh my!

It’s as if I was blaming him because his legs weren’t long enough.  A child learning to ride a bike should have a patient adult supporting him!  After an ugly episode, Big Mike took over.  Big Mike was more realistic and patient than I, although, he didn’t teach him about the brakes either.

It is wise to “not rush” your child.  It’s also wise to be patient with yourself as Melissa mentions, “You and your baby are learning new skills.”  In fact, 20 years later, my “baby” and I are still learning new skills.

Melissa further states, going too quickly “will just cause problems.”  I am still learning this tip, and can always use the reminder!

I’m proud to report, Melissa mentioned a few other tips, that I did apply (enjoy much time outside),  (attend parenting groups).  In our little family, we got out as often as possible. I always appreciated an outdoor adventure, especially in the evening. Children sleep much better after some fresh air.

I accessed community resources; admittedly, more out of necessity rather than wisdom. As a Mom on government assistance, the local resources were invaluable.  Michael and I visited parks and libraries often!  I accessed resource centers, parenting groups, food banks, and clothing drives.  These provided great learning, needed support, and more importantly fond memories for us both.

Many of these resources provided me with a better understanding on my abilities, goals, and on our collective development. Although the bike adventure was a bit of a fiasco, reaching out and learning continues for us all.

Great tips Melissa!  Thanks so much!  Sounds like your boys are off to a wonderful start!

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