86 0f 1000 – Mom’s Mom

Cennie, “Keep your Mom on speed dial!Tip 2

Cennie is an young Mom I met in a supported living house. She has been learning a lot from her time at SHYM (Supportive Housing for Young Mothers).  She states her experiences at SHYM, and her Mom as being great influences for her and for her parenting. Cennie reports feeling more confident than ever!

Initially, Cennie was focused on being a perfect Mom, working hard to not “lose her shit.”  These days, she can keep it together most of the time. One of Cennie’s favorite things is seeing her baby is looking up at her.

Like Cennie, my Mom was on speed dial too.  Cennie tips brought me to such fond memories. I’m so happy to have had her with me.

My Mom was extra important during my early-parenting days.  She loved Michael so much!  She was a wonderful Grandmother.  Although she passed when he was only 9, they had great fun together.  I wish I could have kept her forever, but I’m thankful for every day we did share.

Mom was not pleased I had gotten pregnant, I couldn’t blame her!  I think parents quickly learn, there is not much value in being angry over pregnancy. Luckily this was the case for us.  Mom soon became supportive and was purchasing baby items within weeks.

Mom was careful not to enable me, she seemed to have a good balance, maybe too good a balance.  She would babysit for school, but not for parties! She would bring me food, but not by groceries.  Mom would loan me her car, but I would have to put gas in it.  Mom would scold me for bad decisions, but not ‘beat me’ when I was down.  She encouraged me to make good choices, but still loved me when I didn’t.  She was my rock!

Anyone who is not fortunate enough to have the support of their Mom, I would encourage them to find a pseudo-Mom.  Of course, no one could ever replace the love of my Mom.  My Mom was uniquely mine.

It is important to find encouraging, older and wiser women to have in your life.  They are there.  I hope all Moms can find wonderful women, with solid advice.  I hope everyone can find someone like my Mom.

These days, I don’t need too much parenting advice; although, I still need wisdom.  Luckily, I have some special women in my life, they sprinkle me with “Motherly Love.”

These women have a way of making me feel like a daughter again.  They are kind, caring, and wise.  They see the best in me, and help me to see the best in myself.  I love these ladies for the specialness they’ve brought to my world.

I hope all Moms find Motherly love, lifting them in times of doubt and sadness.  I wish the kind of love which shares happiness and celebrate successes!  It can be a rarity!

Thanks Cennie for your tips, and for bringing more of my Mom into this book.  It is fabulous you have your Mom with you, and even more fabulous you know how special she is!

2 thoughts on “86 0f 1000 – Mom’s Mom

  1. Doreen, I only met your Mom the one time – but she made such a great impression on me. Not only her love for you and Michael but her whole being. It was very sad when she passed so young, but she has left such a wonderful legacy in you and Michael – your tributes to her is all any Mother could ever ask for. 🤗


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