87 of 1000 – A Message for Teens

Flo is the youngest of all 100 Moms.  Having given birth at just 16, she was thrown into the crazy world of parenting!  This young Mom, had a no-nonsense approach and her tips were also no-nonsense.

Flo’s comments were raw, true, wise, and insightful. In only three, clearly stated tips, she capture the wisdom of a seasoned parent, in her effort to reach the youngest, yet-to-be Moms. She said a great deal in just a few words!

Flo,If you want to be a teen and act like a teen, don’t have a baby.Tip 2

As I’ve mentioned, I had some trouble accepting responsibility as a teen Mom. I worked hard to develop maturity, direction, and common sense.

Admittedly, at times Michael found some trouble because I was inattentive, and still developing my parenting chops.  Late parties and long phone calls were still a part of my life, a ‘teen life.’ I was not at all ready to let go.

Luckily for us all, I had some supports, therapy, and an eagerness to be a great Mom. I was a quick study.  When I realized life was now about my son, and no longer about me, things, and decisions, became. I gained direction.

Raising my son, into a man, was now my primary purpose. Remembering that allowed me to establish, prioritize, and achieve goals.

Flo is 100% right, “If you want to act like a teen, don’t have a baby.”  It is a painful realization for a young Mom, and sure was for me!

I was so ill-equipped.  I remember being surprised, and resentful, when I had to purchase laundry detergent. I thought it came with the washer, I guess.  It was the same with dish detergent.  I thought it came with the sink!  I was clueless!

I didn’t know I would never sleep in again.  I didn’t know a baby wouldn’t “wait a minute.”  I didn’t even know that men lied, and could walk away scot-free from their very own children!

I didn’t know welfare was an uncomfortable amount of money!  I didn’t know if I drank and partied, I would be a miserable Mother the next day – despite my “Meryl-Streep-Mother-Mode!”

I knew very little.  I acted like a teen!  I wanted a baby, but I didn’t really want to be a Mom!

In my defense, I did rush to get help!  I too advise, as many of these young Moms stated, “Ask for help.”  I needed “all the king’s horses, and all the king’s women, and men” to put me back together.  I got help from my Mom, the school, and 7 years of therapy.  I followed the advice of everyone.  I grew up quickly and shifted my focus.

My Mother advised, “As long as you make decisions with Michael’s best interest in mind, you won’t go wrong.”  I lived  by that!

She also suggested I measure every problem in terms of Michael’s well-being.  She counselled, if Michael is okay, nothing else matters!

These days, my best wisdom for young Moms, and most already know, it does pass quickly. It passes heartbreakingly quickly!  When I was, young I thought the demands of Motherhood would never end.  They do end.

Before long, your kids will be wiping their own bums, there will be no poop on your hands.  You won’t have to freeze meals, tuck money away, or read bedtime stories.  You may even come to find, you too will have to write a book just to fill your time.

If you do, look me up!!



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