89 of 1000 – Great Loss

“Teacher Mom,” “Sing to your children to settle them in for the night.” Tip 1

“Teacher Mom,” is one of two Moms who preferred to make an anonymous entry.  “Teacher Mom” is so named having originally worked in the teaching profession. With her passion for teaching she continued doing so day and night, having made a decision to become a stay-at-home Mom.  “Teacher Mom” raised two girls and one boy, all the while enjoying every smile and hug to come her way.

Today her children are adults, and she prides herself on being there for them at all times.  While still enjoying smiles and hugs, she now focuses on walking the line between caring and interfering in their developing adult lives.

At the forefront of “Teacher Mom’s” thoughts, is the great loss of her son, at age 44.  She advises this heartache is one that never goes away.  As all Moms agree, recovery from such a tragic loss is indeed impossible.

“Teacher Mom” finds comfort in the memories of her lullaby-time.  She regularly sang lullabies to settle her young children, in the early years.  The song to her little boy is still fresh in her mind.

Although 44 years old at the time of his death, he very much remains forever her little boy. (“My little boy, my little boy, oh how I love him, my little boy.  My pride and joy is my little boy. Oh how I love him, my little boy.”)

“Teacher Mom” also recalls her special song for her young daughters: “My little girl, my little girl, oh how I love her my little girl.  My diamond, my pearl is my little girl.  Oh, how I love her, my little girl.”

As “Teacher Mom,” and others, have so graciously shared their deepest loss, I speak for Moms everywhere in sending them each our collective, heartfelt condolences.

The loss of a child is a grief we dare not imagine.  It is a despair known only to those who are forced to experience it.  Where these Moms have found the strength to rise, is something I hope to never have to seek.

I dream it is the memories giving Moms their power, and strength.  In “Teacher Mom’s” case, she has found comfort in her special songs, and treasured times.

I’m thankful for her thoughtful tips emphasizing singing, listening, and sharing.  What a beautiful childhood to be found, with all three concepts present.  A foundation not granted to all.

I appreciate this Mom was willing to contribute such intimate details, given she has had no introduction to me personally.  In only a few words, she has shared a journey illustrating the extremes found in Motherhood.  Her tips touch the happiest peak, and the most tragic of times.  Her experiences demonstrate this journey can range from illuminating, dedicated lullabies, to the darkest heart-rending loss.

Motherhood is certainly not meant for the weak!  It requires unimaginable courage!  We must be strong when we feel weakest, we must push on when we have nothing to give, and we must stand up even when our knees buckle.

“Teacher Mom” has experienced the full spectrum Motherhood.  Her path has forced her to walk through the very flames feared by us all.

True to her assigned title, “Teacher Mom” she continues to teach.  Her example demonstrates, when you think you can’t go on, you must and you will.

Much love, respect, and admiration to all grieving Moms. There are no words!

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