93 of 1000 – Hugs

Kendra, “I always hug my son goodnight, even at 12 years old. It’s our routine and he doesn’t go to bed until we have a hug.Tip 4

Kendra is a working Mom raising her 12-year-old son, and a proud “Hockey Mom.”  She loves watching his games, and hates missing out on any activities.

I feel a special connection to Moms with just one son.  I know first-hand what a beautiful and magnificent journey they’ll enjoy.

Even though my son is an adult, we still hug hello and good-bye.  I continue to try to leave my lipstick kiss on his cheek, which is not so easy anymore.

I remember our bedtime ritual, teeth, reading time, prayers, and of course a hug and kiss.  Routines are great for stability, and also give a sense of security.

Big Mike and I would kneel at Michael’s bedside and say prayers every night, without exception. Although, prayers and teeth brushing were later entrusted to Michael, the hugs remain in my ‘department!’

With the topic of hugging, there isn’t too much to say, but so many to give.  I think it’s an activity all Moms, and the entire world, recognize as profoundly meaningful and necessary.

Saying, “I love you” is one thing. I think the phrases can carry wide variations of meaning. It can even be empty. A hug however, well that’s an action. I think, for me anyway, a hug is a lot harder to fake. They just hold so much meaning.

Hugs can be empty, or routine, if we aren’t careful. I like to insist on two-armed hugs. The receiver can’t always tell, my eyes are closed, and my heart is filling up with each fleeting second. I make every effort to cherish each hug I get, and I give.

I hope hugging continues for all Moms and their babies, big and small.  I have a feeling Kendra, and I, will not be giving up our hugging routine anytime soon!

Thanks Kendra!


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