100 Moms: The Final Five

Now, heading in the home stretch, I’ve reached my final five Moms.  From beginning to end, I’ve held only 5 spots during this process, aside from my own.

Following are five fantastic females, my five most ‘frequent flyers.’  If what Jim Rohn says is true, they represent the “average of who I am.”

To follow, are the 5 women I spend the most time with, some directly others indirectly.  In one case, my time is internet time.  In another instance, the Mom is not largely in my life, but has been a great influence on her Granddaughter, who is largely in my life.

Regardless of the various “backdrops,” these women help me to practice a technique taught to me by Michael, ensure good in ensures good out. I seek their advice, expertise, experience, and their love.

These women are “good in.”  It has been an honor and a privilege to share my time, my world with them.  In uniquely different ways, they made me feel loved, special, and empowered.  They are active forces small and large. I am a better Mother and a better person because of them.

I remember my Dad said, “If you find one friend you’ll be lucky!’ (Forever the optimist.)  At that time, as a teenager, I was convinced I had dozens.  Of course, as I matured I learned that was not at all the case.

Since then, times have passed when I couldn’t identify even one friend!  I’ve also heard it said, “You have to be a friend to have a friend.”  Likely a key factor significantly contributing to my absence of friendships!

Today, I’m happy to report I have beautiful friendships.  I’d like to think I am more of a friend than I once was.  I now have somewhere to go when I’m sad, afraid, confused, and when I’m happy.  I have people in my life wanting me be happy and to succeed.

I struggle to describe what friendship means to me.  I’ve thought, is it blessed, fortunate, honored, or luck?  None of those words quite covered it, and the thesaurus was of no help.

My friends love me, confide in me, ask about me, and care about me.  They answer my texts, emails, and phone calls.  They share my happiness, and comfort me in my sadness.  Maybe the best word is “magical?”

These women are magical.  What they mean to me is magical.  Mel gives me inspiration.  I aspire to be more like her.  Tory represents legacy, and I hope to be more like her.  Janet has taught me the value of grace and giving.  Trina shows me unwavering acceptance and support.  Alexina, she brings me pure love, representing family and history.  I am the luckiest!

These women appear in my life when I least expect it, when I most need it.  It is like magic!

In the five weeks to come, I’ll be sharing some of the Moms who are strongly represented in my life.  I hope Jim Rohn is right, I hope these women are, may someday be, “ the average of who I am.”  They definitely represent an average of who I hope to become.

The final five are on the way…

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