95 of 1000 – Legacy

Mel Robbins, “Remember, this is what matters: At the end of your life there will be no better observation of your legacy than your children. Remember that when you’re having a bad day. Seeing them happy is always worth it all.Tip 10

Up until now, I have only used Moms’ first names.  In Mel’s case, I wanted to provide her full name so you too may be inspired by her TedTalk, and her recently published book “The 5 Second Rule.”

It is my hope, others will seek her inspiration via social media. Her many video clips, and inspirational messages, are uplifting for everyone they reach.

Mel not only promotes living a deliberate life, with action and positivity, she also lives one. She is a remarkable woman, and is a woman of her word!

Mel mentioned in one of her clips, she is happy to help anyone if asked. I thought I would take her up on that. To my surprise, she accepted. I quickly respected her for upholding that commitment. Sometimes integrity can be hard to find. Mel has it!

Although, we haven’t met; I secretly consider her to be a part of my ‘inner circle.’ I keep Mel on my Facebook News Feed, and am eager to read her posts and follow her success. I know we will meet. My future will surely bring us together.

Through Mel’s videos, I’ve come to feel a kinship.  She is strong, confident, and accomplished. I aspire to be more like her. I also love how she does not dim her light. Mel is a women I like to have in my world.

I enjoyed reading her contribution to 100 Moms and in getting to know her a little better. We share many of the same values when it comes to parenting. We also share an affinity for using our lives in a rich way, hoping to make the world a better place.

As I am approaching the final pages of this book, Mel’s 10th tip struck an emotional cord with me, “legacy.”  The last 27 years of my life have been all about legacy. My parenting has been about legacy, only about legacy. My conduct has been about legacy. This book is about legacy.

Watching my son build his life has given me such pride and joy.  He has far surpassed my deepest dreams. He has become one of the greatest men I have ever known. He embodies all I have worked for, hoped for, and never thought possible. Michael has made every day, and every doubt, worthwhile.

His accomplishments are jaw-dropping. His ability to love is beautiful.  His resilience is unmatched. His happiness fills my heart. Through him I have learned all things wonderful. The meaning and fullness of my life is a result of his love. He is my legacy.

Mel has been building her legacy as well. She helps others to find courage, will and power. Throughout her career, Mel has held many exciting positions.  She has been a television host, life coach, a well-respected speaker, and host of her own radio program and is currently on network television.

Mel introduced me to “The 5 Second Rule,” which served helpful in writing this book.  Using her rule, enabled me to save great ideas, and act on making contact with many of the wonderful Moms you’ve read about. I’m sure it can help anyone interested to reach their goals, and to become more of who they are meant to be.

Good luck to Mel in her ever-expanding career, with her flourishing young family, and with the continuation of her far-reaching legacy. I will continue to follow her example, and be inspired by her teaching.

I look forward to our first selfie!

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