96 of 1000 – Let Dads In!

Tory, “Some Dads are scared to hold the new baby tell him to hold the baby, tell him to hold the baby!Tip 5

Tory is a devoted Wife, Mother, and Grandmother.  She has enjoyed a remarkable union with her husband, recently celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary.  Tory exudes love and happiness, and is surrounded by it.

Tory’s love and devotion has bestowed an invaluable gift on my family, and in the life of my son.  She’s said there was nothing she didn’t like about parenting.  Tory was made to be a Mom, a Grandmother, and soon a Great Grandmother.

Tory is Grandmother to our special girl, Chelsea, our daughter-in-law! In having Chelsea in my life, I have come to know and love Tory.  I know her through the bright eyes of her granddaughter. Seeing their relationship, gives me warmth and enthusiasm as to what I can expect – should I be fortunate enough to experience such a wonderful phase of life.

Tory and I now share a love, and adoration, of a spectacular young woman, forever binding us in this world.  I’m so happy to know Tory ,and to benefit from the love she has poured into her family.

I appreciate Tory’s focus, and recognition regarding the importance of Dads.  As she states in tip #5, “…some Dads are scared to hold the baby, tell him to hold the baby!”  I complete agree with both points of  her tip.

I think many Dad’s feel a bit out of their “element” in terms of baby-handling, and nurturing for that matter.  I’ve known many who have expressed insecurity and fear.  Moms can do a great deal to guide and support Dads through this uncertainty.

I’ve heard Moms hesitate, and even forbid, in leaving Dad to be alone with the babies.  I think they too are battling insecurities during this time.  It’s important to allow alone time for Dads.  That’s where bonding and confidence will build.  Dads have instinct, and nurturing abilities, as well.  Moms really need to get out of the way to allow those qualities to flourish.

I agree with Tory, “…tell him to hold the baby!”  I would add, the sooner the better.  I’m confident the Father to her Great Grandchild, our son Michael, will be more than eager to hold the baby.

Thanks Tory! Thanks for all you did and all you continue to do.  You have given me the greatest Daughter-in-law ever.  Her love for you tops the list of her many beautiful qualities!

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