98 of 1000 – Sports, be there.

Trina, “Go to your child’s activities, riding lessons, hockey games, and school concerts. Show them you enjoy being there, regardless of the score. Teach them how to lose, how to win, and how to keep perspective. Keep all emotion, other than pride and happiness, under cover.Tip 14

Trina!  It’s hard to know where to begin with Trina, and how I could explain my love for her!  I guess the beginning is a good place to start.

Over 10 years ago Trina was on an interview panel, interviewing me, for my dream job. I’m happy to report, I did get the job, along with the “Big Sister” I never had!

In her I’ve learned, the best way to be a sister is to listen and love.  Trina is so soft and gentle.  She has improved my awareness on where I may have been stronger in my own sister-relations.

Trina’s tips around parenting in sports, are well taken, and were likely well practiced.  It truly is not enough just to pay the fee! It is not enough just to show up. So many teachable moments, high alert and engagement is required.

I recall learning of an experiment whereby, a Mom recorded each time her child look up, {for her} while he was playing sports. Over twenty times in one game, her son was seeking her approval, recognition, attention, validation, coaching, seeking her.

The highlighted lesson was, had Mom been on her phone, reading, chatting, or generally disconnected from the game, her son would not have received the approval, recognition, attention, validation, or coaching he was seeking. Being there is a good start, it’s something, but there’s so much more to be done.

Like Trina, I also believe processing all the events – sports, school, family, activities, even play dates, we can find many layers of teachable moments and help so much with ongoing understanding and development. Support and communication are key in parenting.  It’s providing the narrative.  Parenting is not just paying fees, and transportation.

Parents should be on deck!  Teaching, learning, and imparting knowledge should coincide with the juice boxes, drives, fees, and attendance.  Sports can be crushing for some.

It’s complicated out there! We as parents should maintain perspective, given we are needed to provide it. As Trina advises, “Keep all emotion, other than pride and happiness, undercover.” A great guiding principle.




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