97 of 1000 – Moms In Progress

Janet is a Mom representing the majority of Moms approached to contribute to this book. She carries a message of insecurity, and uncertainly, and in doing so leaves rooms for others who share her thoughts. She is one of many Moms that expressed she had little to add, and admittedly stumbled through her parenting journey.

I decided to write about Janet on Mother’s Day.  I thought it would be the perfect time to write about someone so special to me.  I’m lucky to have her in my life, she warms my heart with every contact!

They say, no one can love you like your Mother.  I believe that to be true; however, Janet has gotten pretty close!  Her love for me has had the unique ability of making me feel ‘Mothered.’  Janet just has a certain way!

You know how Moms look at their children with pride and adoration?  Moms love to hear about their children’s happiness, and are eager to help with struggle.  The best Moms are not judgmental and are not pushy.  They are loving, supportive, and empowering.  Janet is all of those things to me.

In part, it has been Janet’s love for me elevating my confidence, and belief in myself to write this book.  She has been a cheerleader from the beginning.

Janet was the first to see any of my writing.  I entrusted her to review my blogs, and invited her feedback.  Janet gave very little critic, always encouraging I was meant to speak out.  She had such belief in me, like my Mom!

Janet could never be showered in the amount of love she deserves.  I think she is the type of person who is better at giving than receiving.  Like a great Mom, she asks for little and gives limitlessly.  She is a gift!

Although, in the end, I found 99 Moms willing to contribute, there were many more who “wanted to,” “meant too,” “started too.”  Moms expressed they wrote their tips, but couldn’t share them.  Some couldn’t start.  Some didn’t feel qualified, and others felt as if they’ve failed completely as a parent.

Janet’s section represents a place for all of those many, many Moms.  Janet also felt unable to formalize her parenting contributions.  She wrote, and re-wrote.  In the end, her contribution has been unique in many ways.

Janet has been not only my cheerleader, and biggest fan, she has also been my editor.  Although she’s remained a huge supporter of this book, and in my work, she was unable to finalize her tips.  Like many others, she just couldn’t do it.

I wanted to leave a space for Janet, and for all other Moms.  Janet has helped to illustrate, we are all a work in progress.  In her honesty, she has provided space for many.

Our tips today, might be our warnings tomorrow.  As we change and evolve, our advice is cultivated with passing time.  I wanted Janet to document her tips, in her way, and in her time and for her own audience.  We both wanted that for all Moms.

Janet’s involvement has enabled a space for those Moms who are still working on their tips.  The hesitation, and self-doubt, of Moms should not exclude their voice.  For some, “the page is still unwritten.”

I thought I’d include a portion of the lyrics in “Unwritten,” by Natasha Bedingfield.  I hope this stands as an open invitation to all Moms.  Their contribution is important, and there is still time!  It’s ok if your page is “still unwritten.”

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins 

The rest is still unwritten,

  1. ______________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________________
  6. ______________________________________________________
  7. ______________________________________________________
  8. ______________________________________________________
  9. ______________________________________________________
  10. ______________________________________________________

3 thoughts on “97 of 1000 – Moms In Progress

  1. So true about a lot of Mom’s thinking they can’t contribute! Perhaps it is through stumbling along and letting the next generation know how tough raising kids is, we are able to make an impact we never thought possible – regardless of how little we think we have moved forward. Thanks Doreen for helping us all take these little steps!


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