104 of 1000 – Teach

“Teach” is one of the most common words in this book, second only to “love.”  It’s so huge, I’m not even sure how to appropriately address it.  The teaching really never ends. 

First we teach them about security when we feed them, love them and provide for them. As the time passes, quickly passes, we teach how to behave, how to eat, how to use a toilet, a door, put on mittens. Then we teach how to talk, to listen, how to learn, and how to color. 

We teach them how to give, to share, be kind, and care about others. We teach them how to love, when to love, and who to love.

Teaching then hits the realms of how to accomplish, set and achieve goals. We teach commitment, responsibility, money management, fair play, and kindness.

Even when we’ve far passed active, daily parenting, there is still more teaching to be done. I’m still hoping to teach. 

I want to model maturity, friendship, healthy relationships, and how to be a grandparent. I want to teach more about legacy, and love.

This parenting gig is never ending!

I must disclose this tip is where I cheat a little.  In it I thought I’d tuck in 10 key teaching points.  Of course I can’t labor on, as I have much to labor on about, but here are my top ten teaching points: positivity, kindness, integrity, privilege, communication, work ethic, respect, financial management, personal best,and safety. Each point is a book in its own right. Many, if not all have been mentioned by Moms before me.

Collectively, 99 Moms encourage 149 teachables. The top three were, respect, kindness, and a sense of humor. Interesting, isn’t it? I was surprised to see a sense of humor hit the top three.

Other recommended teaching points, range in diversity for sure. Moms covered all topics from magic to empathy. They highlight everything from sign language, in infancy, to sexual consent in adolescence, all the way to education, employment, and leaving a lasting legacy.

These Moms said it all!

Common teaching tips include love and empathy. Others were more unique and unexpected.

All suggested topics are sure to lead parents and children into insightful options that may not have been previously considered. The comprehensive list of teachables provided by Moms would enhance any childhood and guide young adults in the navigation of rough terrain. Effective and diligent teaching will provide a solid foundation of happiness, independence and self mastery.

Moms encourage teaching children more about the following topics: being sorry, trying new foods, learning about theworld, and values. Moms want to teach respect for seniors, and learning from elders. They highlight gratitude, understanding, and the importance of always coming home.

They of course talk about, toilet training, outdoor fun, libraries and reading. They teach about, friendship, decision making, problem solving, good manners, creative play, skill development, music, art, humility, safety, grieving, courage, appreciation, principles, honesty, charity, unity, tolerance, family, materialism, realism, celebration, and imagination. No wonder we’re tired!

Moms focus on interpersonal skills like, empathy, compassion, relationships, and the golden rule. They teach their children to finish things what they start, save for travel, uphold a strong work ethic, to value and to help others. Moms believe in celebration, learning, and self-love. Moms want their children to know how to laugh, and how to lighten up.

Moms teach life skills, including, but not limited to, money management, driving, cooking, laundry, and cleaning the fridge. In the advance stages teachables such as networking, employment, commitment, and the value of an education, along with integrity, confidence and respect begin to take centre stage.

Somebody stop me!

In closing, dozens of topics have been mentioned, it may be a relief to know, there are not as many teaching methods advised. Moms name just a few. Picture cards, research, expert opinions, are seen as strong options to support teaching.

There is one method identified, by far, to be the most widely recommended and effective method – role modeling.

What we, as parents, do will outweighs what we say. The most reliable method of teach is in setting an example. As we know, children will follow our lead, every single time.

How we lead, is how we teach.

(Thanks so much to Brittney Johnson for allowing me to use her beautiful photo to demonstrate the value of role modeling. To learn more about her thoughts check out this link: https://globalnews.ca/news/3452016/mom-bikini-body-image-viral/.

Brittney also has some really refreshing opinions on co-parenting if you’re interested: https://www.babble.com/parenting/brittney-johnson-co-parenting-with-ex-new-girlfriend/.)

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