107 of 1000 – Giving

I thought this is a great time of year to highlight the importance of giving, as many Moms before me have. 

Joan,“Encourage them to be generous with those in need, the less fortunate of society. They can help by donating some of their clothes, toys, money. In addition, volunteering for worthy causes is also good and a life skill well worth having.Tip 12

Gina,“Teach them to give. I always talk about giving used toys and giving time to people. I try to get them to see small acts of kindness are important.Tip 5

Debbie, “Help others. GIVE your time and resources to charity, to kids who may be in need, to lonely seniors, to those without food.” Tip 8

Trina, “ Show your child how to be kind to others. Talk about social justice. Allow them to give time, money or belongings. Ensure they learn boundaries and how to balance their own needs.” Tip3

…to name a few.

Admittedly, teaching Michael to give was not something I feel I did enough of, despite having received so much myself. In the early years, Michael and I benefitted a great deal from the kindness and generosity of others.

Many gave of their time in supporting my parenting and personal development, and others in sharing resources. Some people were known to us and some remain nameless.

As a young Mom on welfare, I accessed supports such as The Every Women’s Centre where I received clothing, books, and guidance. I accessed food banks, Christmas support and the Salvation Army was particularly helpful in times of need.

Following Michael’s injury, the contributions of others enabled us to obtain the best medical care in Canada and the United States. People gave, and gave and gave. Together we raised $40,000 enabling us to gain access to the best in the country and on continent, in the field of spinal cord injury.

Friends, family and coworkers visited often, brought fun and surprising gifts, balloons, sent cards, and shared love that surrounded us every day. They gave us gift cards, lunches, and a level of support I could never repay or described.

Big Mike’s colleagues in the military, to think of all they did brings me to tears to this day. These “tough soldiers” showed up dressed as leprechauns, arrived with candy coated donuts, arranged poker games, shared fun stories, and funded a ramp for our home. Each of these men have come and gone, as is part of their job; however, every face remains implanted in my mind and has marked my heart.

The Shriners, they too were amazing! Please never walk by their buckets with contributing. 

Because of their loyal volunteers and many donors, we were supported to make three visits to the Childrens’ Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia. There we met amazing people and received top notch consults. I found other Moms sharing my heartache which was a gift I cannot explain.

So, yes, please teach giving!

Although I may feel I did not adequate cover this area, Michael is very generous and giving I’m proud to say. As for me, these days I am in a better position to give and have more awareness as to the importance of it.

My Mom told me, the spirit of giving is best felt by doing it anonymously. She further urged, “If you tell anyone it will lose the magic.”

In her memory I give anonymously at least twice a year, Christmas and her birthday in July. (Of course, by telling you it loosing magic…but I’ll risk it.) If you try it, I’m confident you will quickly see it’s so hard not to tell someone.

I would like to thank the hundreds, thousands, of anonymous givers who have dropped a dollar in any hat, pot, or kettle they passed. Your generosity is far reaching; likely farther than you will ever know.

I’ve heard, to whom much is given, much is expected. Although I can never completely thank or pay forward all our family has received, I will do my best to use my life in a positive way and will give back where I can – with a most loving spirit of appreciation.

Happy Giving!

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