108 of 1000 – A New Year!

Repost/Revised (Mom 97 – Moms in Progress)

When a New Year approaches I make time for self-reflection and projection. I like to look at the year passing and spend some time assessing things. I set goals and dream dreams. I desire to be better and to do more as the sands of the hour glass softly and quickly fall.

No longer weighted with parenting responsibilities, I now wish to leave my thoughts and practices for others who may find value in often hard-earned experiences. It’s that dream which provided the foundation for this book (Now available in ecopy on Amazon and hard copy on January 15th, 2019!)

In its development, I found 99 Moms willing to contribute; however, there were many more who “wanted to,” “meant to,” “started to.”  Moms expressed they wrote their tips, but couldn’t share them. Some couldn’t start. Some didn’t feel qualified and others felt as if they had failed completely. One of these Moms falling into these categories was my dear friend Janet.

In part, it has been Janet’s love for me that elevated my confidence and belief in myself to write this book. She has been a cheerleader from the beginning.

Like a great Mom, she asks for little and gives limitlessly. She is a gift.

Janet represents the majority of Moms I’ve asked to participate in this book. She, too, felt she had little to add and stumbled through her parenting journey.

Janet’s section came to represent a place for all those many, many Moms. Janet also felt unable to formalize her parenting contributions. She wrote and re-wrote. In the end, her contribution has been unique in many ways.

Although she’s remained a huge supporter of this book and in my work, she was unable to finalize her tips. Like many others, she just couldn’t do it.

I wanted to leave a space for Janet, and for all Moms, to share their learning and legacy. Janet has helped to illustrate we are all a work in progress. In her honesty, she has provided space for many.

Our tips today might be our warnings tomorrow. As we change and evolve, our advice is cultivated with passage of time. I wanted Janet to document her tips, in her way and in her time and for her own audience. We both wanted that for all Moms.

Janet’s involvement has enabled a space for those Moms who are still working on their tips. The hesitation and self-doubt of Moms should not exclude their voice. For some, “the rest is still unwritten.”

I thought I’d include a portion of the lyrics in “Unwritten,”by Natasha Bedingfield; however, I could not get permission to do so, sadly. The lyrics describe perfectly the feelings conveyed by so many.

In short, it’s OK if your page is “still unwritten.” I hope this week’s post stands as an open invitation to all Moms. Your contribution is important and there is still time.

Maybe you scratch down your thoughts on a post-it. Maybe you start a blog or a book of your own. Maybe your notes will rest in your top drawer, maybe they will go viral.

Please share your thoughts. Those who love you may want to know more about you while you’re here or when you’re gone. I urge, don’t take your ‘recipes’ with you.

Maybe this is where you book begins.

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