124 of 1000 – Travel

Me, “Travel, however you can, wherever you can.Tip 18.b

I’ve chosen this as my final tip. As we approach Mother’s Day I realize it is time for me to wrap things up and begin my next project – 100 Dads 1000 Tips 1 Million Reasons.

There was no great strategy in choosing this tip, as is the case with all of my selections. I reviewed the list and selected a tip that resonated with me. Travel happened to be the tip on this day.

Having recently been introduced to the world of travel, one thing I know for sure, life can be much more than we believe. The older I get the more I realize how big the world really is. My view, my “fish bowl,” still provides little insight as to what is possible or available in this life. 

As a child I was not expose to travel, or possibilities. A twenty-minute drive was a big day, an entire day! Even in terms of food, restaurants, nothing was adventurous. We were a meet-and-potato family.

Our excursions consisted of a Sunday drive where conversation was generally forbidden, and Dad was sure to veer off the road. Travel was not something we did, discussed or imagined. Those around us didn’t travel. I really never heard of it.

As a parent, I was not drawn to travel, and did not have resources to do so. I did want Michael to be aware of the world and the opportunities it held.

I had a global map in his bedroom and one framed in the living room. Our end tables had maps, and I decorated with international pieces and exotic animals where possible. I wanted Michael to aspire to travel, even though I was unable to facilitate it.

When raising Michael, we didn’t have much disposable income. We did do mini excursions often. We travelled in our own way.

We did hikes, visited beaches, theatre and museums.  We saw Shakespeare in the park, registered for fun summer camps and participated in winter sports. Adventures in bug collection, butterfly chasing, and tree climbing were fun and memorable. Michael’s Grandmother even buried treasures with him. He had a good childhood despite my restricted thinking.

Now with the internet, the world of travel can be even more visible. Options, goals and dreams can be further explored and defined. 

Since Michael’s injury, because of Michael’s injury, travel has risen in priority.

On the day of Michael’s spinal cord injury, he looked up at us and said, “If there is anything you ever wanted to do you should do it. This could happen to anyone.” It was that sentence, that moment, and those words that caused us to consider – what did we want to do?

After Michael’s recovery, we dove deeper into that question. We found travel to be the answer. Big Mike and I wanted to see more of the world. We wanted to prioritize adventure. We wanted to make more time for fun, exploration and fine food. We began to live deliberately.

I hope others can find their sense of adventure without the help of a spinal cord injury, or serious incident. I hope the exploring the wide-world is on everyone’s radar, topping the list of must-dos.

I for one appreciate every opportunity, fine meal and authentic cuisine I experience. I cherish each sunrise, sunset and unique flower I can find. I love to travel and to imagine.

I wish everyone, young and old, happy travels wherever and whenever your resources, or imagination, will take you.

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