2 of 100 Dads – Never Stop Teaching

Poppa John, as he is fondly known, is a wonderful member of our extended family.  He is a strong, healthy, intelligent and well-informed patriarch. Not only does Poppa John possess all the qualities of a caring grandfather, he also possesses the characteristics of an exceptional and youthful Dad, even over 70.  He makes the golden years look golden.

John has all the things I could hope for in a role model for both Michael and Big Mike.  His youthful demeanor, richness of life and appreciation for his family are just a few of his many admirable qualities. 

John has put much thought into his top parenting tips. I’m so pleased to carry his wisdom forward and to share his thoughts, on what continues to be important to him in the realm of parenting.

John, “Never stop teaching, preferably by example. In my experience kids are always watching and learning from the behavior of parents. We tried to be good role models and recognized our kids would periodically experience us under less than ideal conditions. Remember they learn what not to do by observing parents as well!Tip 1

In John’s first tip he highlights, “Never stop teaching, preferably by example.” John holds for us a fine example of Fatherhood. He continues to teach us all by example. To me, John represents everything I could have hoped for in my own Dad.  He is the picture of health, is active in life and as a parent.  His years are truly golden.

As I practice being a Mom to an adult child, I hope to follow John’s lead. I love his frequent contact with his adult children, and his non-intrusive interest in their lives. I hope to be, as John is, respected and eagerly anticipated by my family. I too hope to share his enthusiasm for all life holds and to be always planning my next adventure.  I hope to be the teacher, the example he is for us, and to also never stop teaching.

Through John I’ve come to appreciate what the senior years hold for those of us lucky to reach them. Through him I’ve learned how to be there for family, when you can’t always there in person. John’s enjoyed a life-long career in the teaching profession, and I’ve enjoyed his long life of teaching.

I too believe teaching by example is the key to effective parenting. While raising Michael, I monitored all actions and behaviors of myself and of others. I was intense when it came to role modeling.

Initially I knew only what not to do.  I knew what I didn’t want in my home or around my son. Through the years I sought literature, counsel, and therapy. Ultimately I did learn some of what to do, and how to it. 

Unfortunately time did not always permit me finding the sweet balance I sought. Through much work, helpful support, a little luck and John’s example, I believe Michael will effectively balance life’s challenges, as has Big Mike.

Thanks John, for all you bring to me and the special men in my world. You are as golden as the years you’ve given to us! 

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