9 of 100 Dads – The Extras

Craig and I go back to my early parenting days. Immediate I came to know him as a kind and understanding man. He was always easy to talk, and had the sweetest of smiles.

Knowing Craig is now a Father to two grown girls, I’m sure they have had a full life given the unwavering love of this devoted Dad. He’s work diligently to ensure a fine example of health, happiness and love.

Craig enjoyed all Daddy duties, except the tough stuff like illness and discipline. Craig, like I, learned much about parenting through his own personal development, education and consult with the experts. We did good.

Craig, “If at all possible do not miss any of the extracurricular activities. They will always look for you, in the stands, theatre etc., and you should be looking back.Tip 6

Craig’s point around parenting in sports, and extracurricular activities (tip #6) is well taken – “they will always be looking for you.” I also believe attention is a key piece, the most important piece, of supporting extracurricular activities. It is not enough just to pay the fee.

Mike was an active coach, and I was a complaining yet every present Mom. Michael was fortunate to have both parents involved, and I’m super fortunate cell phones were not yet popular. I’m confident I would have missed many special moments with my head pointed in the completely wrong direction.

Not only is it important to show interest, I also believe processing all of the plays and practices is a great opportunity to learn from the many teachable moments that arise. Support and communication are keys in parenting. It’s up to us to provide the narrative not just hand over cash.

I remember Trina (100 Moms #98) advised sports parents, “Keep all emotion, other than pride and happiness, undercover,” I think that should be the guiding principle from the sidelines and on the drive home.

Parents should be on deck. Teaching, learning and imparting knowledge should coincide with all aspects of sports – the drives, the fee, teamwork, individual commitment and attending the games. Sports can be crushing for some. We, as parents, should maintain perspective, given we are needed to provide it.

I’m sure with a smile such as Craig’s on the sidelines, his girls were well-positioned to excel and give it their all. This Dad is one who shares successes and builds on setbacks.

Thanks Craig, for your example to your girls and to me!

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