13 of 100 Dads – Quality Time

Scott is an extra special Dad who worked extra special hard in his journey to become a Father. As a bachelor, Scott made a decision to become a Dad and knew he was up for the job of single-parenting.

His little boy is the light of his life. Parenting was everything Scott expected it to be, with smatterings of things he never expected.

I have the utmost admiration for Scott and his journey to Fatherhood. Myself, having only spent a few years in the world of single-parenting, I had just a taste of what it takes. Scott has all it takes.

His young son is in a love-filled world full of opportunity. He has an attentive and engaged Dad who loves every second of the changes and challenges.

So far, this parenting journey is everything he’s dreamed. His dream for the future is more of the same – health and happiness.

Scott, “Make time to be free from technology.” Tip 3

I really appreciate Scott’s over arching theme of quality time, particularly his dedication to techno-free time. Fortunately, in my parenting days I didn’t have to worry about cell phones, for which I am extremely grateful.  I hope I would have ensured techno-free time as Scott suggests in his third tip.

As our children get older, one-on-one grows increasingly challenging to find. I think techno-free time can be best found during drives and dinners. For me, those were some of our most special moments, and best parenting opportunities.

My sister-in-law Angela (Mom #27) first introduced me to the concept of “technology-free-drive” when announcing it to her kids.  I immediately loved this idea! 

The kids were instructed to leave their devices home. I just thought that was very cool, and brave! Although I’d never had the luxury of handheld devices, “technology-free-drives,” a techno-free drive still sounded a bit erroneous.

I haven’t forgotten the incessant chatter, or the ache for silence, when entrapped in a car with my sweet little boy.  In my day, I packed a bag full of potential distractions.  If I had the option of “i-technology,” I certainly would have approved it!

It is the harder choice to opt for a “techo-free drive.”  As in most cases, the harder choice has the highest reward. The moments when you can secure a captive audience, can be so very captivating!  I think the phrase “techo-free time” can interchange with the old-fashion notion of, “quality-time.”

Much can be covered, and uncovered, on a family drive.  You don’t even have to be eye-to-eye!  It is sometimes richer because you are not eye-to-eye.  I think this can be some of the most undervalued, underutilized, and unpredictable time.  The car is a great stage for communication and conflict resolution.

Drives are great, even when they aren’t!

I hope all families find a way to ensure there is a high level of eye contact, and communication with their children. I hope Dads will make a deliberate attempt to encourage children to put devices down.

Of course the best way to teach is to model, which might be the toughest part of all. No question this duo finds plenty of “techno-free” time.

Finding true love and quality time changes everyone in every way. I’m sure this team will continue to enjoy many more years of happiness, wilderness and wonderment.

Thanks Scott!

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