26 of 100 Dads – Put Your Needs Last

Lewis is the proud Dad to two bouncing little boys. He and his wife Lisa (Mom #18) work to provide all love and opportunity they can muster. They share in the joys of teaching skills and watching each child develop in their own unique ways.

Lewis works with youth by day and in his spare time he’s an avid football fan, having both played and coached the game. With this solid foundation, this Dad is prepared for the parenting journey.

The earlier years were a little rough, summarized by Lewis as “constant whining.” He reports, now that his boys are older and able to communicate thing are going smoother.

Lewis wants only two things for his sons: health and a life of laughter. I’m sure they’re on their way.

Lewis, “Put your {Dad’s} needs last.” Tip 1

In reading Lewis’ tips, his respect for his wife leapt off the page. Knowing Lewis professionally, I knew that Lisa’s happiness was a top priority for him. His love for his wife is his most endearing quality, and I’m sure Lisa would agree.

I couldn’t help but highlight Lewis’ first tip, “Put your needs last.” That was something I didn’t realize initially, but fortunately learned in record time.

I remember being surprised that babies had no patience or understanding. I was actually shocked with how demanding a baby could be. Guess that’s why teenagers shouldn’t have babies.

I now know, in the infancy stage babies don’t stop crying until you address their needs. Babies are no help with communication, they seem to add to any frustration – also news to me. Obviously, I had little understanding of child development.

When the parent lack understanding it makes since that addressing a baby’s needs might take some extra time. Babies will scream that entire time, and never realize how hard you are trying.

I learned hard and fast. Thankfully I learned.

Sleeping-in was no longer an option. Drinking and carrying on had to stop. Life was groceries not parties, laundry and not beaches. It was a grind, but it was beautiful, the good ole days.

Happily Lewis values self-care, recognizing the importance of it, and the impact his personal self-care will have on his family. With this awareness he makes time to rejuvenate himself, while ensuring his wife and his children have what is needed to do the same. What a gift to not only his family, but the next generation.

I hope it gives Lewis conform to know, 20 years does fly by. At just about the time you start tasting freedom, one of your boys might be arriving with a new “constantly whining baby” and before you know it, you’ll all be back at the end of the line again.

Fun ‘eh Lewis?

Thanks to you both for your great teamwork and for participating!


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