28 of 100 Dads – Pre-Baby

Ryan is one of only two Dads to submit his tips pre-baby. I was happy to have his involvement and learn of his eagerness to step into this new role. Although Ryan’s little bundle had not yet born, it was clear the baby  be and will his Mom world be great hands.

Ryan was able to provide a unique perspective to budding Dads everywhere. As the “nest” was being prepared, it’s clear much consideration was been given to the large and small details.

It was beautiful to read Ryan’s tips and to recognize his respect and consideration for his wife. Having identified his own Mom as being his most valuable influence, I suspect he will continue to prioritize his wife in the most loving way. 

Ryan, “My wife was incredibly “flat” for the first 2 months. Her mood was different. She was sick, stopped going to the gym and wasn’t herself. We went on a trip; it was the best thing ever. She got to have fun and snap out of her funk.” Tip 4

Ryan’s tips were so touching. Seven out of ten encouraged care and concern for your partner. From the perspective of an expecting Dad, his words can serve to remind all Dads about the specialness of this stage. The pre-baby planning is such a cherished and exciting time.

For me, pre-planning was so fun. Ryan’s messages brought me right back to those early days, those exact scenes. I love every minute of my pregnancy. People were so kind. It was unforgettably warm and loving.

Ryan’s fourth tip, noticing she was in a “funk,” amazing! He not only  noticed, but worked to resolve it – such consideration.

I think noticing our partner’s “funk” is a golden tip. Suggesting a break in routine, large or small, can help to ensure cracks in communication don’t end up being canyons. This is a tip not only valuable in the early stages, but a great check point and strategy for all the stages.

Time for each other is not always easy to find. Remember, your relationship is the trunk in your family tree. It deserves planning, purpose and priority.

Although I haven’t written marriage tips yet, I’ll be sure to consult Ryan when I do. While it’s on my mind; however, a tip for Ryan: If you keep doing what you’re doing, with the love and thoughtfulness you’re doing it with, your marriage and family can only continue to grow in the most beautiful ways.

Oh the places you’ll go!

Thanks Ryan. I can’t wait to watch your beautiful journey.


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