29 of 100 Dads – Surprises

Peter Sheehan (May 21, 1944 – June 13, 2018), a Dad described by his daughter as, “an advisor, voice of reason, confidant and friend.” Peter will be lovingly remembered as a selfless, wise and witty man, who if love could have kept alive, would have lived forever.

Peter loved all things about parenting, except the discipline. Watching his children grow and succeed was the joy of his life. He cherished memories and highlighted special moments as his most prized parenting gift.

Peter loved all thoughts of the early years, as well as the scenes of recent times. Sharing his life with his grown children and their families was everything to him.

Peter had lofty family dreams, happily he was able to see them come to fruition. He wanted all to have continued success, a strong financial plan, good health and much travel. Peter had the great fortune of knowing his dreams were firmly developed and continued to grow in the hands of his two children.

Peter, “Surprises are good. Do the unexpected every now and then.Tip 8

It is truly an honor to have Peter’s contribution, along with the contribution of his wife Joan (100 Moms, Mom #25). Together they led a loving, engaged and cohesive family.

Peter and Joan nailed it! They have successful imparted their values and have fulfilled their wishes and dreams for their family.

Peter’s eight tip brought a beautiful memory to my mind. It was a surprise reflection for sure. This surprise confirmed, and continues to confirm, Dad loves me.

High school was my own personal hell. One day my Dad pulled up unexpectedly and everyone announced “Your Dad! Your Dad is here.” Of course, I figured his arrival was certainly to kill me for some unknown infraction.

This visit may have been the largest and most lingering surprise of my life. Dad arrived with a Wendy’s combo for me, for my lunch.

My Dad never came to school before, or after that day. I’ve wondered what warranted such a valiant gesture from him. I was elated.

I met him at the school door, he handed me that brown bag as if I was a homeless stranger. He turned without a word or a hug and drove away. This lifelong memory took under 10 dollars, and less than 30 minutes. So, I couldn’t agree more with Peter’s encouragement to surprise your children.

No matter how much or how little, for kids to know you care is everything. I can speak for myself in knowing a little bit goes a long way. It’s been 30 years since high school and that memory remains one of my most precious thoughts of my Dad.

Peter’s children never questioned their value. Their Dad’s love was expressed, unwavering and reciprocated. His far-reaching efforts continue to carry a positive impact, and message, many years beyond his parenting journey. Peter enjoyed a life to be proud of, and he was.

Rest easy Mr. Sheehan. Your legacy is safe and sound.

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