43 of 100 Dads – Be Mom’s Rock

Tyler is the partner to a special girl, I mean young lady, who I will always fondly remember and adore. I’m so pleased she was able to convince him to share his parenting tips, so I could carry a piece of her with me in this book, forever. “Hi Holly!

Together these young parents share their lives with a sweet baby girl who is the apple of their eye. Tyler has hearts in his eyes when he sees “her tiny smile light up the room.”

This self-described “Super Dad” loves his happy home and intends on ensuring it is forever full of laughter and love. He has a deep appreciation for his Mom and Dad and hopes to share their teaching and values with his little girl. Tyler’s goal is to make sure she’ll never be afraid to follow her dreams and he’ll be sure to support her in doing whatever she sets her mind to do.

Tyler, “Take care of their Mom. She has been through a lot. She will go through even more. Be her rock.” Tip 6

Of course, with love in my heart for Tyler’s leading lady, I was happy to see him highlight her importance in his sixth tip. Tyler states, “Take care of their Mom. Be her rock.” I love when Dads remind other Dads about the women in their lives. It’s great when there is an understanding that Moms need support and help along the way. Sometimes we Moms forget to mention that and sometimes it’s hard to ask for help.

My Mom didn’t have “a rock.” She carried the entire burden and my Dad as well. She was so heavy from this weight that she didn’t have much left over for herself or her kids. No one was looking out for her.

In my world, Big Mike was my rock and still is. Because I was able to share my life and my worries with him, I had a true partner. He helped me with things and looked out for me. He carried weight, a lot of weight. Whenever I found something to be difficult to manage, he would offer to take it on. He never made me feel like a bother or a burden.

His support allowed me to be a better Mom and a better person. I felt stronger. I was not heavy, as my Mom was. I had more room to think, to be and to become. I had space to do and to dream.

I am everything I am, have everything I have and achieved everything I have achieved because he loved me and, as Tyler suggests, was my “rock.” I’m thrilled Holly has a “rock” too.

Tyler also encourages Dads to take on a special piece of the day-to-day routine. For him, he and his daughter share the bedtime routine. That’s a beautiful idea providing a win for everyone. Holly, Tyler and his little girl will enjoy that soft addition to their day. This sounds like something a “rock” would do.

I know Tyler’s little girl will benefit on so many levels knowing she is treasured by her Father. I can imagine the sweetness this memory will bring. Sometimes if things become routine, we can take these times for granted. I hope Tyler never forgets all he is building by making time to be at his daughter’s bedside.

I recall Michael’s bedtime routine and can appreciate bed time isn’t always a Hallmark moment or a Rockwell painting, but what peace for Mom to know, even if there’s clanging and banging it’s being handled with love and attention.

This idea gives Mom a moment to catch her breath. She may finish something otherwise undone or consider something that might have escaped her. Perhaps she will just sit. Whatever happens for her in these few short moments, it’s no question this time will build a foundation for trust, security and self-worth in the heart of their little girl.

Tyler, on behalf of all Moms, thanks for the mention and on behalf of Holly, thanks for the moments. From my little girl’s heart to my tired Mother eyes, I know that your time is well spent and far reaching.

Hugs to you all.

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