44 of 100 Dads – Read Signs

Billy is a much loved and soft-hearted Dad. He adores everything about being a Father and has a special appreciation for all the women in his life. Many of the women in his life have participated in the development of 100 Moms 1000 Tips 1 Million Reasons. He is the only Dad connected to four Moms.

In 100 Moms Billy’s wife, two sister-in-laws and his mother-in-law shared their parenting tips (Moms #37, 38, 39, and 40). I’m happy Billy’s agreed to join them and generations to come will benefit from their shared wisdom.

This Dad comes from a large and connected family, the most adored of which is his own Mom. Billy said his Mom is the most influential person in his life, forever adored.

Billy shares the wisdom with Dads that he has also ingrained in his children. Now that he’s a proud Grandpa, there’s no doubt he will be modelling and teaching his grandchildren each tip he’s shared.

When I read Billy’s ninth tip “never pass a sign without reading it” it really struck me, I never read signs. It’s so important to read signs, now that he has me thinking about it.

With a career as a truck driver, it makes good sense that Billy learned the importance of signs. I think that’s an important point for me to learn, but even more important to teach it to our children. It may sound funny, my life is a little easier after learning this tip, airports are a lot easier.

When I think about it, signs can come in many forms when related to parenting. Not only is it important to read road signs and airport signs, it’s worth considering in all areas of life.

If your baby has a red cheek, pulls on his ear, rips at his diaper – all signs. If your partner is cranky, if you smell smoke, if the roof leaks – more signs.

Having worked in the trucking industry I’m sure Billy meant it literally, “never pass a sign without reading it.” Initially, I took it literally. I recognized how many things I complicated by not reading sings. I became more aware of how many signs there are to read and the great information on them. I know it sounds funny.

In a more careful review of Billy’s tips I considered interpersonal signs, the signs we consciously or sub-consciously give about our well being, our health or even our happiness. All signs are worth a moment, a read.

At home it’s a good practice to not only read signs but to also question them. Is your ear sore? Are you upset? Can I help? You seem off?

With deeper consideration I loved Billy’s tip even more. In fact, the Moms in his life also suggested reading signs and questioning signs in their contributions to 100 Moms.

I like it! I needed to hear it in a literal way and in a more figurative application. I’m going to pay closer attention to the signs I may have been overlooking both at home and in the airport. I’m also going to make sure I teach our little grandson to read signs too.

Thanks Billy!

Thanks Billy! I appreciate the ‘sign.’

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