100 Dads – Camp Etiquette

Eric is a Dad to two grown boys. He’s a “neighborhood Dad,” ready-to-help in a moment’s notice. Eric is a hands-on Dad and a high energy guy.

With an old-school flare, respect was at the core of his parenting practices as well as his principles. Much attention was given to togetherness, family values and ensuring his boys were always looked after.

Eric, “Take them camping. Show them how to cook, clean, and leave wood in the camp when you leave.” Tip 3

Eric identified great parenting themes: teach, respect, help, try, coach and model; such a beautiful collection of words and love. This Dad was able to weave all of his themes through camping experiences.

Not a camper myself, I didn’t realize how valuable this outdoor adventure could be. I was never in a position to “leave wood in the camp,” so I’d never been given that advice. As soon as I read that tip, I recognized how this small piece of advice could be used literally, and also figuratively.

Eric clearly demonstrates how camping can be a solid training ground for life skills, as well as respect for others.

It’s wonderful for a Dad to emphasis and model some of those basic life skills. We, too, saw the value of ensuring Michael was well equipped when it came to life skills. After all we were raising someone’s partner, a man, a Dad, anIan employee. We wanted to be sure he was able to do it all!

At about age six, I told Michael, “It’s my goal that you be running this house by the time you’re 16.” He too was excited about that possibility.

Eric highlighting, “leave wood in the camp,” took teaching life skills to another level. Although meant literally, I also considered how that lesson might hold a deeper meaning in a practical way.

Leaving wood” not only teaches “leaving wood,” it also instills respect. This practice provides an awareness as to what’s been used, what needs to be replenished, and considerations for those who follow.

It’s an important to teach our kids to leave things in a respectful manner, replace what they used, and to think of others. We should all be aware of how what we do, and how we behave, can impact others.

This seemingly small practice of “leaving wood” could have far reaching implications, if your children learn the value of those to follow. Eric’s participating in this book is “leaving wood,” as is my participation and all 99 Dads.

I appreciate all Eric has given to his boys, and to this work. They were so fortunate to have such special memories, and a fun backdrop for important life lessons.

Thanks Eric!



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