My Next SMART Move…

I knew I needed some guidance to determine next steps with regard to the promotion of my newly published books, 100 Moms & 100 Dads. I had an informal coaching session with an incredibly successful guy. I found my guidance.

He walked me through, felt like shoved me through, clearly and specifically articulating my goals in terms of book promotion. He asked all of the right questions, most of which I didn’t like. I felt myself digging through my own bullshit to provide honest answers.

Through the discussion I could feel my entire body resisting. I didn’t want to be “boxed-in,” accountable, on the record. I was viscerally reacting but contained it pretty good.  With his direct approach and targeted questions I began to be specific (S).

The conclusion of that conversation, to my surprise, my goal was not at all to promote the books. I discovered my goal was to share the work, not sell the books. This realization was a welcome relief. Being specific helped me to identify a much more meaningful and achievable goal. I do not like selling but I do love sharing!

I started to feel excited again. I now had to determine a measurable (M). 

Knowing what I wanted to do, why and how, I was ready to be “boxed in.” I was advised to set whatever standard I wanted. This was only to be measured by me.

I was reminded goals should also be attainable. I thought maybe I can go easy, but I want to feel good about it. I can do less than I’m humanly capable of, but enough that I’m feeling challenged and a sense accomplishment. 

I started to tire. I said, “This must be why people don’t set their goals.” He said, “No, this is why they don’t accomplish them.” I pushed on.

I asked myself, how much time and money can I realistically commit to. What is the standard I’m looking for? Do I want to over-achieve or just achieve?

I decided on a couple of measurables for my new goal:

  1. I’ll donate a minimum of two books a month to a group, or individual, working on the development of parenting skills. Please email any suggestions via Facebook page, “The Village.” I’ll report back on the recipients.
  2. I’ll invite others to share their parenting products or services on my Facebook page. I welcome suggestions. Please join “The Village” on Facebook and send ideas my way.
  3. I will accept all opportunities that come my way. (Not an official SMART goal, but a goal nonetheless.)

That’s good for now. I’ve reconnected with my intention, found new projects and a new-not-so-new perspective – just a little buried.

This plan is 100% relevant (R) to my goals. I’m so happy to have been supported in the exercise. I’ll be sharing parenting material again, now with an improved and adjusted focus. And, in true over-delivery fashion, my goal is even ready ahead of the resolution rush!

Thanks for following along, and thanks to my lil Buddy for helping me get my shit together.

The Importance of Setting SMART Goals

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