100 Moms – Self care

Charlene,You are a Mom and regardless of the other hats you may wear. Remember self-care. Motherhood can be one of the most demanding, but also one of the most rewarding, jobs.

Think about this: If you go on an airplane you hear the safety spiel, you are directed if traveling with someone else to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting them. You need to take care of you first to be best able to take care of your child.

Take time for yourself. Do not feel guilty about putting yourself and your needs first. It is extremely important, even a few minutes (i.e. Take a bath, enjoy a conversation with a friend, listen to music etc.) Self-care helps keep you at your best. Make it a priority to fit in some small time for yourself.” Tip #2

I too am a fan of self-care.  I’ve also referred to the example of, “Put your own face mask on first.”  I love it!  It is so true, often recommended, yet continually needs repeating.

Now Michael is grown, my world is full of self-care.  I remember in the early years it was a regular tip given to me by many.  It sure is challenging when time is tight and finances even tighter.  It was especially difficult in the early stages of Michael’s injury.  How could I think of myself?

When Michael was a baby, my therapist suggested I start simple.  She encouraged an ice-cream at the end of the month.  I remember the guilt, and the haste with which I would finish that cone.  It felt more like punishment than a reward.

I will say, it’s worth the effort and anxiety.  We are worth the effort.

I do know, it is important, it gets easier with practice and it will absolutely make you a stronger Mom.  I’ve since graduated from the ice-cream to gel nails!

We should keep reminding each other of self-care. We can encourage it and even facilitate it when we see it is lacking.  Charlene highlighting self-care is a reminder to me to reach out to young Moms, now that I’m an “empty-nester.”

Maybe since I’m through the woods, I can find some energy and resources to help a new Mom or an overwhelmed Mom.  If providing only an hour or two for some self-care.

A little personal time will add to your own development. It will model your importance to your children, and serve to remind you that you matter.  A little bit of time for yourself will even make you better Mom! I don’t think there will be any disappointment in the practice, whatever the reason.

Enjoy a double scoop!


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