6 of 100 Dads – If Dad isn’t happy…

Brad is a new Dad and one of the youngest in the book. Not yet 30, he is loving Fatherhood and all the joy his baby girl has brought to his life.

Having known Brad as a young boy, it is beautiful to see him as a family man. His new wife and daughter have expanded his heart and his goals. Brad is dedicated to ensuring his little girl has everything she needs to follow her dreams. Influenced by his own parents, and his Granddad Ches, he has a solid understanding of the importance of family and has an even deeper regard for the role of a Mom.

Although just a new Dad, Brad has already developed great insight and wisdom. His tips can not only serve as a guide for other Dads, but also make for great parental advice as his little girl begins her journey into the world.

Brad, “Always challenge yourself to be a better person, set the example.” Tip 2

Any Dad seeking to be a better person and follow his own dreams can bring a great deal to the life of a child. To me, Brad’s tips highlight the importance of self-care and personal development. Both I also tried to practice, while simultaneously attempting to instill in Michael.

I didn’t have to tell Michael education was important, he knew because he saw me become educated. As I began to develop personally, I could share things I learned with him, in an age appropriate way. As I modelled self-care, Michael learned I was important, and so was he. These things became ingrained in him. Lectures were not required.

For the first few years of Michael’s life I was attending secretarial school, and later university. I was involved in counseling and was identifying goals and dreams for myself. I believe setting this example gave Michael an inherent understanding that learning and development was a value part of life.

I didn’t realize to what extend rebuilding myself would impact Michael. In reading Brad’s tips, I could clearly see the many of these things were present in my own parenting. In reflection I realize my transformation became Michael’s foundation.

Guess it goes back to the age-old adage, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Brad’s tip can remind us all, that just maybe, Dad’s happiness is pretty important too. “If Daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

I hope all Dads won’t lose focus on their dreams, as they are guiding their family and children to theirs.

Thanks Brad! Looking forward to watching your little family grow.

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