16 of 100 Dads – Alone Time

Zachary Green is a self-proclaimed “Awesome Dad” who is doing his part to break down stereotypes about men and fathers. He operates a comprehensive website highlighting all things thought to be “Dadly” and all things thought not-to-be “Dadly.”

Zachary’s site is insightful, enjoyable, informative and enlightening. He recognizes the need for togetherness and support when working to build a strong family.

As he works through the early stages of parenting he shares about all, from caring for infants to carrying infants. Zachary’s page covers everything from grilling to guns.

With all of the above going on, Zachary still made time to contribute to my project, even though his own parenting project is highly advanced and gaining in popularity every day. This Dad’s parenting beliefs are generously shared with his own audience and now with mine.

the experiences that you can share together.
Zachary, “Take time for you – sometimes you need some alone time, everyone does. Be sure to include some self-healing time whether at the gym or a date out with the spouse.”

With all that Zachary has on the go I was surprised and pleased to see that he hasn’t forgotten the importance of self-care, as he mentioned in his 7th tip, “Sometimes you need alone time, everyone does.”

I too am a fan of self-care. I’ve also referred to the example of, “Put your own face mask on first.” I love it! It is so true, often recommended, yet continually needs repeating.

Self-care may be a more common concept among women; however, I hope the word is spreading for all parents.

Dads too require some time to reenergize and refocus. As Zachary said, we all need some “alone time.”

When Michael was a baby, my therapist suggested I start simple. She encouraged an ice-cream at the end of the month. I remember the guilt, and the haste with which I would finish that cone. It felt more like punishment than a reward.

I will say, it’s worth the effort, and anxiety. Parents are worth the effort! We need to find some “alone time” for them as much as for us.

I know for sure it is important, it gets easier with practice and it will absolutely make you a stronger parent. We should keep reminding each other of self-care.

It would be great if we can encourage self-care to others, maybe we can even facilitate it when we see it is lacking especially with new parents. As a more “senior” parent I’m now able to find a little time to support a new parent with an offer or support, or a surprise meal. I

t’s fun for everyone to help in large, small or unexpected ways. Shared understanding is sometimes the best gift of all.

For those of parents “through the woods,” Zachary and I both hope you’ll find some energy and resources to help a new family, or an overwhelmed parent. If providing only a few minutes for a much-needed breather, a pizza delivery, a gift card or an anonymous basket.

Finding a little personal time will add to your own development and your family development. It will model your importance to your children and serve to remind you that you matter.

A little bit of time for yourself will even make you better, in every way. I don’t think there will be any disappointment in the practice, whatever the reason.

To learn more about Zachary and his journey to awesomeness check out his site at http://www.awesomedadgear.com/. In the meantime, I hope we parents can all find a few minutes to enjoy a double scoop!

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