40 of 100 Dads – Laundry

I’ve been so curious about how laudry is going for everyone, having so much time at home. I’m wonder if it actually does ever get done afterall..

Keegan loves everything about being a Dad. In his words, “I love it all. I love observing milestones and achievements. I love being their caregiver and their ‘go to.’ I love the hugs, smiles and the love.

Although actively involved in his career in the Canadian Armed Forces, Keegan finds time to build and share in a fun childhood for his children. His only real complaints are laundry and mucus and I don’t think he’ll get any disagreement on that.

Keegan’s tipss area so succinct. I wanted to expand on several them but given his only complaint was laundry and mucus, I thought I’d give a little attention to the commonly expressed burden of laundry. It really never ends!

I cannot imagine the laundry in a family of five. These days I only am responsible for the laundry of two adults and I can’t keep up. I dare not complain, especially to Keegan.

I do want to share with the world, laundry is a challenge and unified cry for almost all parents. Mucus comes and goes; laundry only comes.

There are a few laundry enthusiasts. I’ve heard of them but have never met.A Apparently occasionally someone finds laundry to be rewarding and soothing, but I have no knowledge of said person. It may be just a myth.

For those struggling with laundry, let me share with you what my Mom shared with me, what a coal miner’s daughter shared with the world, “Mommy scrubbed her clothes on a washboard everyday and I saw her fingers bleed.” I did see a washboard but never used one, and I never saw anyone’s fingers bleed.

I did see and own a ‘spin washer-dryer.’ For those who didn’t, it’s a two-part electric machine more like a large aluminum box, one side for washing the other a spinner.

It accepted two pairs of jeans, was rarely balanced and shook the house with unforgettable force. It leaked, overflowed and really didn’t spin dry. It was better than a washboard, but not much better than hand washing.

I guess with these reference points I hope to spark gratitude for anyone who doesn’t have to resort to such methods, and to extend empathy for those who do. I remember the laundry mat, air drying, hanging racks and board-stiff towels. It was dreadful.

These days I have a washer, a dryer and laundry detergent with a back-up supply. I even have fabric softening sheets and coat hangers which were once thought to be unnecessary luxuries. I am in no way meaning to brag, only to appreciate. I still hate laundry and still don’t get it done.

With all the advancements in facilities and the abundance of supplies, why does laundry remain so labour intensive? It’s a mystery to me, maybe to most, as to how laundry could have been managed with a washboard and yet it is a seemingly impossible task even with the greatest advancements in technology.

As I readily admit, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have any under the heading of laundry. I only offer understanding and hope.

I guess I’ll offer one piece of advice, get those kids moving. In my parenting days, I only offered Michael a beginner’s lesson in laundry. It did seem easier to do myself; however, maybe I gave up to quickly.

Teach them, train them and put them to work. I don’t know if the war can ever be won.

Maybe parents can find some laundry minions with a little effort and preplanning. Maybe there are technological advancements underway. In the meantime, for those who also hate mucus, it may some consolation to consider laundry will remedy mucus remnants.

Keegan, with your team you might have some hope. Helpers may be on the way.

Thanks for showing up for Dads and for highlighting the dark side shared by parents everywhere. Oh, and good luck with the missing socks.

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