21 of 1000 – Freedom

Georgina, “It is hard to deal with your lost sense of freedom: trips away, running into the mall for a quick glance, going to parties. Oh, how all the free time was taken for granted. I remind myself often, this is a blip in time.

When it is too late,  you realize they are only babies for such a short period of time and you can’t go back.  I keep saying to myself, I’ll get to do these things again someday, and in addition will have the added bonus of having two beautiful children.Tip #8

Georgina is so lucky to have the awareness the journey parenting, is a “blip in time.”  As I’ve mentioned, that is something I had absolutely zero understanding of!

Although Georgina’s Tip #8 highlights “coping with the loss of freedom,” what a gift to recognizes the gain in sharing your world with little people.  Also, to have the clarity that freedom will return is not bestowed on all Moms.

I thought things would never change, even though they changed every day.  It may have been a disadvantage of teen parenting, or a lack of perspective, likely a combination of many things.  I’m glad Georgina knows the difference, and I hope the same for all new Moms.

I didn’t know before long, weeks and then months would pass without my son bursting through the door.  I didn’t know someday he wouldn’t need me. I wouldn’t be matching his little socks. I didn’t realize someday my home would have a deafening silence.  

I never would have guessed, the freedom I longed for would quickly return, and I would then be missing the busyness that once filled my time.  I didn’t know doing a great job would mean I’d be lonely. I didn’t know my returning freedom would leave me feeling empty.  

Had I have known these things, I think there would have been more time for love and play.  There would have been less focus on hurrying, urgency, and moving to the next stage.  Maybe I could have put more focus on slowing down. Which was also advised, but not accepted.

I think adopting Georgina’s beliefs may have calmed me down!

In my case, this advice was provided, but was never understood.  I am hopeful Georgina’s words will find a Mom able to see this reality, wisdom, and the timeline, a little clearer.

The most wonderful, most important, most valuable, most rewarding, and most precious “blip” of your life.  It will be the most meaningful, and most memorable, source wonderment anyone can be fortunate enough to experience.

Freedom, meh!  See you before you know it George!


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