65 of 1000 – Lunch Dates

Caroline, “Schedule regular lunch dates with each child during the school week. These dates will allow for one-on-one time with each other, and a break away from the classroom.  Weekends may work better for some parents.Tip 1

Schedule a regular date night with your spouse. A great way to re-energize your relationships.Tip 10

It is smart to make time, to schedule it, it does scurry by.  I can imagine how this small, not-so-small gesture could have been life changing for me.  I think this advice is extra valuable for Moms with more than one child.

I remember on one occasion, my Dad came by my high school with a Wendy’s combo. Given he was not at all expressive, and not much for gestures of love, this would be one of the most special things he’d ever done for me. I was the envy of the school. It was the best burger of my life! I have never forgotten the day, or the feeling.

Connection sometimes doesn’t just happen.  It may have to be prioritized and deliberate.  I believe if you talk and share time when nothing is wrong, it will be easier to communicate when something might be wrong.

What a beautiful concept to build in special time, simply to enjoy each other for no other reason. When raising Michael, I never considered scheduling special time for lunches.  Resources, and finances were pretty limited, as was my capacity.

I did demonstrate love in many other ways, favorite meals, special snacks, post-it notes, walks to the store, crafts, libraries, bedtime reading, things like that. Caroline’s tip is well-received by me, especially at this stage, the adult-child stage.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had Michael schedule a special lunch date with me.  I’ve also enjoyed special lunches with my nieces, and now have more resources to have frequent dates with Big Mike.  I see the value, and the magic, in that precious time.

I better get out my planner!

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