It’s A Wrap!

I’m letting my books go.

In November I recommitted and now, in April, I reconsider. I’ve noticed, almost two months have passed and I haven’t shared a single parenting point. For years I was compelled to post, eager.

Since 2016 I’ve been sharing my /our parenting work frequently and regularly. It was exciting. I was excited!

Seems, I’m not so excited any more.

I can’t deny the decline in both enthusiasm and productivity, social media won’t allow it. The pattern is easily detected on an international public record, even if only detected by me.

Today, I’m not sure of my own truth. I can fool myself. Sometimes, I can justify even the shittiest decisions.

I’m not sure if it’s depression or evolution, quitting or finishing, self doubt or success. I’m not sure if it’s about a fiercely negative book review, a feeling of collective apathy or the progression toward a natural ending.

I’m not sure if I’ve risen above it or have succumbed to it.

It’s a kind of completeness, a closure, but maybe a defeat, failure. I’m not sure if I’m inspired or uninspired. Yeah, I’m pretty sure, I’m uninspired.

Although my truth may at times escape me, my feelings usually do not. I’m feeling done.

I’m putting my books behind me. With the deepest love, an endless appreciation and a big bunch of pride, I’m letting them go.

I’m also releasing myself of any further self-imposed expectations, goals, targets, responsibilities, marketing or promotional pressures. I’m closing a profoundly uplifting, empowering and cathartic chapter of my life.

I’ve said a lot.

Admittedly, my books aren’t perfect. Although imperfect, they are great!

I am proud to have given it my best effort and all the heart and dedication I could muster. I’m honored to add this work to my legacy of love.

It was a privilege to capture my thoughts and experiences, as well as those of others. I loved dedicating both books to my most special people. I love that Michael has “the record;” Seth and Owen will also have “the record.”

It was wonderful to share with so many life-changing women how they have changed my life. They will always know how much I love them.

My Dads too, so special! Remembering and memorializing the beautiful men, boys and fathers I’ve come to know and love, has been another great honour. I’m so proud of us!

I’ve cherished every piece of support. Every message, like, share, post and contribution. I’ve been lifted in ways I can never explain.

My wish is parents will enjoy, and find comfort in, these books for generations to come. I hope they will be shared with parents, parents-to-be, empty nesters and in all occassion celebrating parenting and parenthood. I hope my books help others. I hope my family, friends and all contributing parents are proud.

It’s been a privilege, a life’s highlight, to do this work. This experience will remain forever in my heart! πŸ’•

With love and appreciation,


PS – For moms looking for fresh content, new ideas and sprinkles of joy, check out East Coast Mommy. She hasn’t lost her steam a bit!

9 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap!

  1. Doreen – you have done much with your books and your positive attitude. You gave 199 people an opportunity to contribute their concerns, ideas, love and thoughts β€” and perhaps in many cases allowed them to bask in your success as well. I am sorry you perhaps felt an β€˜emptiness’ after your second book. Perhaps that was your heart telling you that you have many more projects that are important and can be accomplished. You have no doubt touched many hearts, raised many spirits β€” you have definitely let many people pour out their best ideas on parenting. You have accomplished a lot.

    I can hardly wait to see what you accomplish moving forward. I will wait with great anticipation β€” you are a success β€” we are lying to ourselves if we think we never second guess our futures and past. You will always brighten the day!!!


  2. Doreen you did amazing girl…to put yourself out there the time and effort it took to wrote not 1 but both.. that’s alot..most writers thats all they do..but you also work.. so hats off to you…sad to see you end it but if you feel you have accomplished what you could then it’s time to move on..wishing you all the best and was honored to be apart of your journey…take care my friend..


  3. I think that whatever you do, you will put everything into it. Your books were an amazing commitment and you should never give up that drive

    Good luck with everything.


  4. Doreen you have accomplished more than most people that I know! It takes such a great amount of courage to write; receive rejections; regroup and start again; promote; pound the pavement and knock on doors! You certainly went full throttle and gave it your all. I am so very proud of you! I do however, have a feeling, that while these books may be put down at the moment, I do not think for one second that you are! Keep shining and moving forward – can’t wait see the next chapter in “The Life of Doreen.” xoxo


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